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  • Omega Check™
  • Item Catalog Number: LCOMEGA

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Omega-3 fatty acids combat cardiovascular disease through a host of interrelated mechanisms, including the suppression of pro-inflammatory cytokines, elevation of beneficial HDL, and reduction of triglycerides and VLDL. The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids in blood and cell membranes strongly influences cardiovascular risk factors. What’s more, new research reveals that having low levels of a little known omega-7 fatty acid called palmitoleic acid has been associated with increased risk of diabetes, decreased insulin sensitivity, and arterial plaque formation.

Until recently there was no good way of determining how much omega-3 and omega-7 your body was absorbing. But now, an at-home test kit called the Omega Check™ allows for convenient determination of your status and your risk of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease.

If your Omega Check™ report indicates that your levels of omega-3 are low, or that your levels of omega 6 and saturated fatty acids are high — don’t worry! You are in the same boat as many North Americans. This is easily changed with diet and supplementation in as little as four weeks and the test can be repeated as required to track your progress.

You can change your risk of heart disease. The Omega Check™ is the first step!


Fasting is not required. Take all medication as prescribed. The Omega Check™ test comes conveniently packaged as a kit. It requires a “finger stick” whole blood sample to be collected in the privacy of your home and shipped directly to the laboratory in a pre-paid envelope. All necessary components for the “finger-stick” are included in the kit with a complete set of instructions for easy collection.


Results take 4 weeks from when specimen is received. This test is not available in Pennsylvania.

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