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Depression, stress may impact life span by altering gene expression

May 25 2016. An article published on May 24, 2016 in the journal Molecular Psychiatry revealsthe discovery of a link between stress, depression and the expression of genes linked with aging.

Acting on the finding of a longer life span in the roundworm C. elegans following the administration of the antidepressant mianserin, Alexander B. Niculescu III, MD, PhD, of the Indiana University School of Medicine and colleagues identified 231 genes whose activities were altered following exposure to the drug, which were subsequently correlated with 347 similar genes in humans. Using genome analysis data of 3,577 older humans, the researchers found an association between depression and 134 of these genes—particularly the gene ANK3, which increases with age in worms as well as in children with the rapid aging syndrome known as progeria. Evaluation of blood samples from suicide casualties and individuals diagnosed with psychiatric disorders uncovered an increase in ANK3 expression in these groups.

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