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Carnitine deficiency suggested as contributor to autism

July 19 2017. In an article appearing on July 13, 2017 in BioEssays, Arthur L. Beaudet of Baylor College of Medicine submits the hypothesis that a lack of carnitine, a compound synthesized in the body from lysine, could be behind some cases of autism.  “We believe there are compelling reasons to think that brain deficiency of carnitine and perhaps other micronutrients such as essential polyunsaturated fatty acids can cause autism with an extreme male bias, and that 10–20% of cases of autism could be prevented by changes in infant nutrition,” he writes.

In 2009, Patricia Celestino-Soper discovered that 1 in 350 males are unable to synthesize their own carnitine due to an inactive copy of the X chromosome gene TMLHE. "Of the nearly 460,000 males in the United States who have TMLHE gene deficiency, only about 3 percent develop autism,” Dr Beaudet noted. “The remaining 97 percent become healthy adults. Sometimes behavioral regression occurs."

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