Jennifer Jhon

Jennifer Jhon graduated from Auburn University with a degree in journalism and communications. She established her career as an editor, designer and writer at several newspapers and magazines. She has been writing about wellness, health and nutrition for 10 years.

Jennifer Jhon

Jennifer Jhon graduated from Auburn University with a degree in journalism and communications. She established her career as an editor, designer and writer at several newspapers and magazines. She has been writing about wellness, health and nutrition for 10 years.

Mold Exposure: Sources and Common Symptoms

Most of us get much more mold exposure than we’re aware of. After all, mold likes to lurk in dark places. But easy tests can shine a light on our mold exposure, both inside our bodies and out.

Young couple increase hormone oxytocin sharing an intimate moment

How to Increase Oxytocin

Oxytocin is sometimes called the “love hormone” because everything from sex to cuddling with a puppy increase your levels. Want more oxytocin in your life? Check out these tips.

10 Best Herbs for Energy: How to Fight General Fatigue

Feeling a bit drained? Instead of topping off your coffee mug (yet again), give these 10 herbs a try for caffeine-free, all day energy, balance and stress management.

Melatonin isn’t the only way to get help with your sleep

10 Melatonin Alternatives for Sleep

It’s time for sleep! But sometimes your brain and body aren’t feeling it. If you’re looking for an alternative to melatonin, we’ve got 10 other nutrients that might be able to help you fall asleep and get the restorative rest you need.

What Type of Magnesium Should I Take?

Which mineral helps your bones and muscles stay strong? Magnesium! How about supporting already-healthy blood pressure for heart health? Magnesium again! What if you want to keep your memory sharp or just chill out? Still magnesium! Find out more about this multitasking mineral.

Sunscreens are the first step in sun protection

Sunscreen Ingredients to Avoid: Find Out Why

Is the controversy around oxybenzone and other sunscreen ingredients casting a shadow over your skin care routine? We break down the health questions around mineral and chemical sunscreens and shine a light on UV filters that work.

Does Magnesium Help You Sleep?

The big M—magnesium—can help you relax, unwind and set the stage for sleep while delivering a host of other benefits for heart, bone and whole-body health.

Fit woman supplementing with white kidney bean extract running to help burn fat

White Kidney Beans: Benefits of the Lean Bean

Looking to slim down? Then it’s time to load up on white kidney bean! High in plant-based protein and fiber, these mild-tasting legumes are a tasty and satiating weight management staple.

8 Gut Health Red Flags

Got a gut feeling that your digestive health isn’t what it should be? Here are 8 signs that your intestinal lining might need a second look—plus, lab tests that can provide you with answers.

Up close of healthy eye that have vitamins and nutrients for support

Top 10 Vitamins and Supplements for Eye Health

Your eyes really are lookers! Help keep your eyes healthy and happy with our top vitamins and nutrients for vision health and comfort.

How to Avoid Fish Oil Burps: Omega-3 Supplement Tips

Fish oil supplements are a great way to give our hearts and minds the support and protection they need, but no one likes the fishy-tasting burps that sometimes follow. Thankfully, there are ways to keep a lid on that fishy aftertaste.

Melatonin helps you sleep and dream better

Does Melatonin Give You Weird Dreams?

Melatonin may be (partially) responsible for that great night of restful slumber, but is it also to blame for the weird dreams you’ve been having? Here’s the truth about this sleep support favorite.

Do Vitamins Expire? Storage, Safety & Disposal Tips

Those expiration dates are there for a reason! Our tips for safe storage will help you keep your vitamins and supplements at peak potency.

The Thanksgiving turkey may not be to blame for the post-meal sleepiness

The Tryptophan Myth About Turkey

The tryptophan in turkey isn’t what is causing Thanksgiving guests to nod off after the feast. So why can’t you shake this sleepiness?

How Much Melatonin Should I Take?

Get the sleep you’ve been dreaming of with the mood-mellowing effects of melatonin, your body’s natural sleep hormone. Melatonin helps your body and mind calm down from the day and slip into slumber.

Milk kefir is full of probiotics and health benefits

Is Kefir Lactose Free? Uses, Benefits & How to Make It

Get all the goodness of dairy, plus a punch of probiotics, with fermented milk kefir, the champagne of the milk world. Best of all, kefir is super-easy to make at home, so you can enjoy the health benefits anytime.

Gummy Vitamins & Supplements: How Good Are They?

Gummies are a sweet trend in the adult supplement world, but should you make the switch? Our guide to gummy vitamins can help you decide whether to bite.

Green tea promotes mood, longevity and wellness from the inside out

Is Green Tea Good for You? 12 Science-Backed Benefits

Ready to relax and recharge? Raise a glass! Green tea can help calm and focus your mind while helping to protect your body and brain from oxidative stress, age-related cognitive decline, and much more! Here are 12 reasons to add green tea to your daily diet.

13 Workout Supplements that Work: From Creatine to BCAAs

Meet your new “gym buddies!” These 13 workout supplements can help you crush those fitness goals—whether you are aiming to increase muscle mass, build endurance, or power through your workouts with more energy.

Smiling woman having a bubble bath that can be paired with stress relief supplements

16 Vitamins & Supplements for Stress

Feeling overwhelmed lately? Here is a list of 16 stress-relief supplements and vitamins that may help you calm your mind and feel at ease.

The Happy Hormones: How to Feel Good

If you’re happy and you know it, thank your "feel good" neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. Here’s how happiness hormones work—and how a healthy lifestyle boosts these chemicals.

Man cutting open poached egg on avocado and toast that is missing several different nutrients

Should I Take Supplements When Dieting?

Should you be taking supplements if you are on a diet? Weight loss can mean nutrient deficiency. Here is why you might need multivitamins and other supplements.