Mental Health

Mental Health

Herbs and Spices to Boost Your Mood

Feeling down? Certain well-known herbs and spices can help lift your spirits and get you smiling again.

Prioritizing your well-being is the key to a self-care journey

How to Start a Self-Care Routine

Bubble baths and mud masks are glamorous ways to pamper yourself when you’re feeling low. But are they truly “self-care”? Here’s the lowdown on what this term really means.

What Is a Genetic Methylation Test?

Genetic tests are increasingly popular—and one of the most valuable ones lets you know more about genes that control important methylation pathways. Here’s everything you need to know about methylation lab tests.

Chronic stress and high levels of stress hormones can lead to accumulated fat

Cortisol Belly: Is Stress Making Your Tummy Stick Out?

If your tummy isn’t as flat as it used to be, could your cortisol levels be to blame? Here’s the science behind “cortisol belly,” plus 9 tips to keep an even keel—and, perhaps…a trimmer middle?

How to Hack Your Mind-Body Connection

Does mind over matter really work? Yes! Research suggests that the mind and body are intimately linked. In other words, our thoughts and feelings affect our behavior, impacting our well-being. Here’s how to cultivate that connection.

Woman taking deep breaths to help relax while in a yoga studio.

7 Breathing Techniques to Decrease Anxiety

Feeling stressed out? Relax your body and mind with deep, calming breaths. We’ve got seven exercises that can help you make deep breathing part of your wellness routine.

12 Health Benefits of Saffron

Pound for pound, saffron has been more expensive than gold at certain periods in history. And as emergency medicine doctor Dr. Sonali Ruder explains, this red-gold spice should still be worth its weight in gold because of its many health benefits—which range from fighting food cravings to encouraging mental health.

Women experiencing mood swing symptoms during Menopause

Does Menopause Cause Mood Swings? 12 Wellness Hacks

Feel like you’ve got mood swings that never really go away? Your mood swings may be due to menopause. Here’s how to tell, plus 12 hacks to help you get a handle on your hormones.

Restorative Yoga: A Muscle Recovery Guide

Rest and recovery are important parts of any workout routine. Recovery yoga may help you relax your muscles and mind and relieve the soreness and stress of the day.

Woman experiencing the survival mechanism flight-or-flight response

Fight-or-Flight: How Your Body Handles Stress

Whether it’s a car swerving into your lane or unexpected bad news at work, acute stress can be a real adrenaline rush (and not the good kind!). Here’s what it means to have a “fight, flight or freeze” stress reaction—plus tips for better navigating a sudden, stressful situation.

20 Easy Ways to Calm Yourself Down

Having one of “those days”? We all do! The problem is that over time, repeatedly feeling frazzled can impact your health and well-being. Want to learn how to stay chill when the going gets tough? Check out these tried-and-true 20 stress management strategies.

Older woman looking stressed in front of a computer

How Are Cortisol and Stress Related?

How cortisol and stress are related and how it impacts your mental health. Learn more.

Weight Loss: How to Stop Negative Self-Talk

How does negative self-talk affect your weight? When exercise routines and calorie restriction diet plans don’t seem to be “working,” there’s a factor you haven’t considered: your mind.

Woman curled up on the couch gathering her thoughts

Stay-Calm Checklist

Follow our stay-calm checklist to get a handle on your racing thoughts—and to keep physical symptoms of stress in check, all from the comfort of your own home.

Has Quarantine Affected Your Mental Health?

Living through a quarantine has taken a toll, with increases in cases of depression and anxiety. Neurotransmitter laboratory tests may help reveal the true state of your emotional well-being, according to Dr. Scott Fogle.

Man drinking coffee and suffering from mental burnout

How to Avoid Burnout: Top Herbs and Lifestyle Tips

If you are feeling stress, fatigue or mental drain, nutrients and lifestyle changes can help you feel like yourself again.