Best Calisthenics Workout Plan for Beginners

If the last time you heard the word "calisthenics" was when you were in your junior high P.E. class, get ready to be reintroduced to this full-body workout that’s both benefit-packed and beginner-friendly.

Yoga is a great workout for your core

Yoga for Core Strength: Build Your Core and Strengthen Your Mind

Want to pump up those abdominal muscles? Ready, set, hold! Maintaining yoga postures can help strengthen core muscles while promoting healthy flexibility, healthy cognitive function and more!

How to Replenish Electrolytes: Best Sources

Your body relies on electrolytes more than you know. But what exactly do they do for your body and when exactly do you need to replenish them? From sports drinks to whole foods, learn about the best sources of electrolytes and how to make sure you’re getting enough.

Functional fitness is designed to build all aspects of physical fitness

12 Functional Training Exercises You Need to Try

Want to carry in all of those grocery bags in a single trip? Or outrun your toddler grandchildren? Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your ability to perform daily tasks, functional fitness training has you covered. Find out 12 exercises you can do today!

11 CrossFit Workouts at Home You Can Do with Little or No Equipment­

Life getting in the way of your gym schedule? At-home CrossFit workouts to the rescue! Here are nearly a dozen workouts that are adaptable to any fitness level and that you can do easily from the comfort of your own home with little to no equipment.

Swimming is one of the best all-around sports for your health

10 Health Benefits of Swimming: Let’s Dive In­

Ready to take the plunge into better health? Whether you want to bolster your lung capacity, clear your mind or pamper those joints, here are 10 reasons why you should grab your goggles and go!

AMRAP Workouts: Are They Good for You?

Looking for a quick strength training routine that benefits your cardio health, your muscles…and more? Look no further than AMRAP! Completing “as many reps as possible” gets your body moving and your heart rate up.

Hot yoga encourages flexibility and healthy blood flow

Hot Yoga: Why You Should Turn Up the Heat

Ready to heat up your wellness routine? Here are 10 health benefits of hot yoga, ranging from deeper stretches to bone density.

Kegel Exercises: How to Support Your Pelvic Floor

Kegel exercises are designed to strengthen pelvic flood muscles and maintain bladder health and function, especially as we age. Here’s everything you need to know about Kegels—plus, five wellness tips for a healthy bladder and urinary health.

Powerlifting is a great way to add strength training to your workouts

What is Powerlifting? A Strength Routine for Beginners

Schedule too packed for set after set of strength exercises? It might be time to try powerlifting, a sport where you can maximize your strength in a short amount of time. Quit spending hours in the gym and learn more about the gains you can achieve with powerlifting.

5 Breathing Exercises for Lung Capacity

Your lungs work hard for you. It’s time to return the favor. Here are 5 lung capacity exercises that will have you inhaling and exhaling deeply for the long haul.

High knees are one of the best Tabata exercises

Tabata Workout: High Intensity in a Short Period of Time

Tabata is a type of HIIT workout you can do in as few as 4 minutes. Plus, it has surprising health and fitness benefits to keep you moving. Discover the top reasons to try a Tabata workout and the top 10 exercises to incorporate with it.

What to Eat Before and After a Workout: Dietitian's Guide

Working out burns calories and can make you hungry—so what should you eat before and after exercise to properly fuel your body? Our registered dietitian explains how different macronutrients prepare you for your sweat session—and help you recover when it’s time to throw in the towel.

Woman riding indoor bike to maintain gym motivation

Workout Motivation: 13 Ways to Pump Yourself Up!

You know you’re supposed to exercise—your health, physical, mental and emotional—depend upon it. But what if you’re not in the mood? Not to worry—these 13 motivational hacks will have you back at the gym with gusto!

How to Recover Your Muscles Like an Athlete

Better sore than sorry? Not always. As any athlete knows, whether you’re pumping iron in the gym or doing resistance training at home, rest is an essential part of building and maintaining strength. Here are 8 tips to recover those muscles like an athlete.

Hip thrusts one of many workouts for glute strength

10 Easy Exercises to Strengthen Your Glutes

Your glutes are the largest, most powerful muscles in your body. Strengthening your glutes ensures you run fast, lunge well and jump high. Make sure your workout routine includes these top 10 bottom-building exercises.

Restorative Yoga: A Muscle Recovery Guide

Rest and recovery are important parts of any workout routine. Recovery yoga may help you relax your muscles and mind and relieve the soreness and stress of the day.

Balance between training and resting is essential for optimal performance

Working Out Too Much? 15 Recovery Tips

Are you training hard but not seeing the results you want? You may be overtraining. Here’s how to know if you have overtraining syndrome. Plus, 15 tips on how to recover!

What are High-Intensity Workouts? Health Benefits, Types and Ideas

You don’t need a lot of time or special equipment to improve your fitness, have fun and torch a ton of calories in the process! Here’s everything you need to know about HIIT.

Group workout aided by supplementation

13 Workout Supplements that Work: From Creatine to BCAAs

Meet your new “gym buddies!” These 13 workout supplements can help you crush those fitness goals—whether you are aiming to increase muscle mass, build endurance, or power through your workouts with more energy.

Best Exercises for Heart Health

A little exercise goes a long way when it comes to strengthening your heart and improving your overall health. Make sure to incorporate these heart healthy exercises into your wellness routine today.

Woman sitting in a meditating position

Ten Yoga Poses to Increase Flexibility

Getting on your mat for 10 minutes can benefit your mind, body and spirit. Say "Namaste" to lean muscle mass, flexibility and balance with these yoga poses.

Is HMB Good for Bodybuilding?

HMB, beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, is a natural compound that boost your muscle mass, strength and support recovery.

Man stretching his shoulder in a living room

How to Get Back in Shape After Inactivity

These quick, simple tricks will help get you back in shape, from couch to cardio, after months of inactivity.

At-Home Workout: Shape Your Body With Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are inexpensive, you can use them on any body part, and you can take them with you anywhere for a workout or just a good stretch.

Woman exercising in Livingroom for better whole body health

6 Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise

Need another reason to exercise? How about six! Here’s half a dozen ways exercise changes your brain, supporting memory, cognition and more.

Best Cardio Chores to Burn Calories at Home

Not motivated to work out after cleaning, or maybe all those chores made you too tired to exercise? Life Extension's exclusive house-cleaning-cardio is the answer.

These waffles are a low-calorie option to help stabilize your energy levels

Protein Waffles Recipe: Healthy Breakfasts

Looking for a tasty breakfast recipe that will keep you satisfied until lunch? Try these protein waffles, which you can serve sweet (with the traditional maple syrup) or savory, topped with avocado and an egg.

When to Take BCAA Supplements

Consider BCAAs to be your “workout buddy,” encouraging you to do just one more rep. But these essential amino acids aren’t just for muscle recovery. Let’s dive into all the benefits.

Man and friend using creatine to help achieve fitness and weightlifting goal

When to Take Creatine: A Beginner’s Guide

If you want to be a beast in the gym and build lean muscles, then you might want to consider supplementing with creatine.

L-Tyrosine Benefits: Uses & Supplement Guide

L-tyrosine benefits your mind, mood and exercise performance—but do you need to take a supplement? Here's what you need to know about this popular amino acid.

Man taking a jog while drinking water for glutamine supplementation

Glutamine Supplements: An Essential Guide

Glutamine is a favorite supplement among athletes and everyday health seekers alike. Here’s everything you need to know about adding glutamine to your routine.

13 Taurine Health Benefits: More Than Just Energy Drinks

Taurine is a popular supplement among athletes—that’s why it’s in energy drinks. But did you know that this amino acid benefits everything from your brain to gene expression?

Post Workout Recipe: Protein Powder Chocolate Chip Cookies

Post Workout Recipe: Protein Powder Chocolate Chip Cookies

Life Extension’s vanilla whey protein powder helps to make these chocolate chip cookies as good for your muscle and immune system health as they are delicious.

Diet vs. Exercise for Weight Loss: What’s the Difference?

Looking to lose weight and keep it off for good? Follow the 80% diet, 20% exercise rule to crush your goals.

Man exercising outside to boost his metabolisim

How to Boost Your Metabolism: A Helpful Guide

Burn fat and increase your metabolism naturally by incorporating these healthy habits and dietary changes into your wellness routine.

How to Support Your Joint Health

You can keep your joints moving in the right direction at any age with a healthy lifestyle and smart supplements. Here are our top tips.

Woman and man stretching in park before workout for back pain relief

7 Tips for Back Pain Relief

We all get a little achy from time to time, but these 7 tips offer the perfect way to put back discomfort behind you.