Your Health First & Always

Your Health First & Always

A Dream of Better Health

Everything we do begins with you Science & Research is our passion Our innovation is ever evolving

About 40 years ago, there was an idea: Help the world become a healthier place by offering quality nutritional supplements that are made from the highest quality ingredients and are based on actual science. It seemed like an ambitious goal, but if you take a peek behind our logo today, you’ll discover a group of dedicated and passionate people challenging themselves to continue making that dream a reality. Our scientists, analysts, researchers, doctors, nurses, naturopaths, nutritionists and many more are all here for one reason—you. Every supplement, every ingredient and every decision we make is chosen with a better, healthier life for you in mind.

So Much More than Vitamins

Delivering More than What’s Expected

Our ethos is centered around humanity and enriching the lives of people, no matter who you are or where you live. Your stamp of approval is what fuels our passion for excellence, drives our progressive discovery and guides our exacting principles for scientific rigor. We serve as your health advocate and deliver personalized solutions, so you get what you need and nothing you don’t.

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First Stop: Quality

Why Our Vitamins & Supplements Are Continually Rated #1

#1 Rated

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5x Winner!

Quality, purity, efficacy and sustainability are the keys to our success. Ingredients matter: it’s one reason why our products stand out in the marketplace. Why? We use the same exact ingredients and doses as the studies that inspired our products. We’ve earned accolades like multiple Consumer Labs Top Rated Product awards, and our commitment to quality and safety has earned us GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) registration with NSF International.

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A Heritage of Firsts

40 Years of Innovating Health & Wellness

It’s hard to believe, but it all started with low-dose aspirin. Back in 1983, after studying the latest research, our scientists made an interesting observation: The daily use of low-dose aspirin can help prevent vascular disease. Today, aspirin is standard protocol to protect against a heart attack in cardiac patients. That was our first of many firsts. We’ve led the way, recommending such nutrients as CoQ10, omega-3 fatty acids, melatonin and more. You can rely on us to pursue the science of a healthier life and find the next great discovery.

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The Right People to Make a Difference

Passion Can Be Contagious

When innovative thinkers find their calling, they attract other like-minded individuals to the cause. And when you’re trying to transform the science of a healthier life for all, the best of the best is what you need. Our team has led the way in the health field—from groundbreaking scientists to expert researchers and acclaimed physicians. Our team is focused on bringing the science of a healthier life to you and yours.

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