6 Best Skin Care Products for Women Over 40

Skin care after age 40 doesn’t have to be complicated—or expensive! Simplify your antiaging routine with these 6 highly effective products for youthful-looking, “get carded” skin!

Woman caring for her skin using a wintertime routine

Winter Skin Care Tips You Need This Season

When the weather outside is frightful, your skin may look (and feel) less than delightful. These tips will help you keep it fresh, youthful and dewy….even when the air is bitter and dry.

Build Your Own Skin Care Routine

Ready to get your glow on? This step-by-step guide will help you identify your skin type and the products you should have in your routine to look your fresh-faced best.

Woman wearing a straw hat to protect her skin from the sun

How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin

Has your skin seen better days, thanks to damage from the sun and UV rays? Here’s how you can reclaim healthier, more youthful skin.

What is Retinyl Palmitate?

What is Retinyl Palmitate and how does it help promote healthy skin? This anti-aging ingredient is a vitamin A derivative.

Young woman taking off makeup for nighttime skincare routine

Why You Need a Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Wondering why you need a nighttime skin care routine? We have got the answer to this question.

What Does Microdermabrasion Do?

Did you know that you could be missing one of the most important steps in your anti-aging skincare routine?

Woman dipping her finger in jar of anti-aging moisturizer

5 Skin Benefits of Using Ceramides

Curious about the benefits of using ceramides for your skin? Here’s what they are and why they are a must for an anti-aging strategy.

Anti-Aging Skincare: Everything You Need to Know

Curious about anti-aging skin care? We’ve got you covered with these DO’s and DON’Ts for healthy, young-looking skin.

Fruit salad with collagen whipped cream delivers sweet health benefits

Fruit Salad with Whipped Cream: Nature's Candy Salad

Want a treat as sweet as candy, but better? This recipe serves us the antioxidant and vitamin benefits of fresh fruit with a health-boosting whipped cream topping that is perfect for summer.

Which Vitamin Deficiencies Cause Hair Loss?

Vitamins serve a variety of functions to keep you looking and feeling your best, and that includes that marvelous mane of yours! Here’s what you need to know about deficiencies and hair loss.

Two sugar scrub jars for soothing and skin-softening treat

Lip Sugar Scrub Recipe: A Homemade Treat for Your Beauty Routine

Tell dry lips to kiss off with these three tasty sugar scrub recipes, which can be used to exfoliate your lips—or, in larger batches, the rest of your skin!

Gummy Vitamins & Supplements: How Good Are They?

Gummies are a sweet trend in the adult supplement world, but should you make the switch? Our guide to gummy vitamins can help you decide whether to bite.

Man holding glass of water and taking a collagen supplement

Why Supplement with Collagen?

Collagen is a buzzword these days, but what does it really do for your health? Here’s everything you need to know about this trending supplement, plus the best type of collagen to fit your health needs.

The 15 Best Foods for Hair, Skin and Nails

No matter what lotions or potions you use, nothing has a bigger influence on your outward beauty than how you nourish yourself from within. Check out registered dietitian Mia Syn’s list of these 15 beautifying foods—from eggs to bone broth.

Close up of womans damaged nail ridges

Ridges in Your Nails Point to Larger Health Problems

Ridges in your nails can point to larger health concerns. What causes ridges in nails. How can I keep them healthy? Read on!