Does Sugar Age You? What You Need to Know About Glycation

Skin aging isn’t something we think about when we eat sugar, but they are connected! You can thank glycation for that. Here’s everything you need to know about sugar, glycation and aging. Plus, eight tips to help slow it down.

Coq10 can benefit a woman’s health, including her fertility

8 Coenzyme Q10 Benefits for Women You Should Know About

Is coenzyme Q10 beneficial for women’s health? Yes! The powerful free radical scavenger supports everything from heart and brain health to fertility, energy production and healthy aging.

Additives in Processed Foods: 10 Ingredients to Avoid

You’ve probably heard that ultra-processed foods like chips and breakfast cereal aren’t great for your health, but do you know why? Our registered dietitian Holli Ryan breaks down the 10 additives in processed foods you should avoid.

Fasting is not eating purposefully

10 Best Foods to Break a Fast

Fasting—where you don’t eat for extended periods of time—has many health benefits. These 10 food and drink options to break your fast will help you maximize the health benefits of your fast, and keep you from taking in too many calories, sugar and fats when you do start eating again!

How to Naturally Increase Testosterone?

Testosterone levels dip every year after age 30, and can affect everything from your sex life to your mood. Follow these tips to keep your T-levels youthful.

Woman eating a plate of sushi to match the Japanese diet

What Is the Japanese Diet? Everything You Should Know & Recipe Ideas

Why do more people in Okinawa, Japan, live longer than people in the rest of the world? One reason may be their diet. Here’s what you need to know about the Japanese diet—and longevity.

Supplements vs. Wine: What Is the Best Form Of Resveratrol?

Wines with the highest levels of resveratrol, ranked; plus, whether it is healthier to drink red wine or take a resveratrol supplement.

Older man with healthy joints doing pushups on a side of a rocky road

How to Support Your Joint Health

You can keep your joints moving in the right direction at any age with a healthy lifestyle and smart supplements. Here are our top tips.

How Health Habits Change With Age

Which generation has the healthiest habits? What's the right age to prioritize health, and where does each generation seek advice? We polled over 1,000 people between the ages of 21 and 73 about their habits.

Up close of healthy eye that have vitamins and nutrients for support

Top 10 Vitamins and Supplements for Eye Health

Your eyes really are lookers! Help keep your eyes healthy and happy with our top vitamins and nutrients for vision health and comfort.

Top US States With Longest Life Expectancy

Wondering what your zip code says about your predicted lifespan? This exclusive study from Life Extension pinpoints the states where the longest-living Americans live and what factors may explain their longevity.

Smart watches can help you biohack

What Is Biohacking: A Beginner’s Guide

Is "hacking" your biology to enhance wellness and performance real—or a made-up buzzword? Here’s everything you need to know about this trend. Plus, 10 science-based biohacks to help you start your biohacker journey!

Winter Skin Care Tips You Need This Season

When the weather outside is frightful, your skin may look (and feel) less than delightful. These tips will help you keep it fresh, youthful and dewy….even when the air is bitter and dry.

Keep your brain young with neurohacks

14 Secrets to a Younger Brain: Brain Hacks

Our brains change as we age, but it doesn’t mean we have to lose our cognitive abilities. Here are 14 ways to keep your brain in the game as you get older.

Build Your Own Skin Care Routine

Ready to get your glow on? This step-by-step guide will help you identify your skin type and the products you should have in your routine to look your fresh-faced best.

People forget their healthy habits during the holidays

Best and Worst States for Holiday Health

Falling off the health bandwagon during the holidays tends to be a universal experience—but residents of some states do a better job than others of maintaining good habits…even when the eggnog beckons.

How to Take Calcium Supplements for the Best Absorption

Timing is everything when it comes to calcium supplements. Here’s when you should take your calcium, and also how food helps with absorption.

Man taking a prostate supplement

Prostate Supplements: Do They Actually Work?

Can a supplement actually help the prostate work optimally? It depends what’s in the formula! Check out these 9 science-backed nutrients that support prostate health.

Estrogen Supplements: How Do They Work?

If you’re in the throes of menopause (or are just getting started with perimenopause), perhaps you’ve been intrigued by products labeled “estrogen supplements.” Expert Dr. Vanessa Pavey explains how these work—plus, lifestyle hacks to support estrogen levels.

Supplements are a smart choice for brain health

Top 10 Supplements for the Brain

Whether you want to support faster mental acuity, a stronger memory, or a more upbeat mood, brain supplements can be a smart addition to your healthy lifestyle. These are the top 10 supplements for brain health—from ashwagandha to zeaxanthin!

Does Glucosamine and Chondroitin Work? Supplement Uses

Is your back out of whack? Displeased with your knees? Stiffness and discomfort is normal as you age, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it lying down! Here’s how glucosamine/chondroitin might help.

Woman practicing balance with yoga

Hormone Balance Supplements: An Easy Guide

You’re likely well-acquainted with the idea of supplements as being an add-on to your diet: whether it’s taking a multivitamin or omega 3s, these health helpers are a good way to make sure you’re optimally nourished. But did you know that supplements also can help balance your estrogen and/or testosterone levels if they need a bit of tweaking? Here’s how hormone balance supplements work–and what you can do to make sure yours are within optimal ranges.

What are DHEA Supplements? A Beginner’s Guide

Getting older comes with a number of unwelcome changes, from a decline in muscle mass to less interest in intimacy. Here’s why DHEA supplements can help you stay youthful—physically and mentally—no matter what your biological age may be.

Inflammation can affect your muscles

What Does Inflammation Do to The Body? Beginner’s Guide

“Inflammation” is a word you hear often, but what does it mean? Here’s everything you need to know about your body’s inflammatory response—and how diet and lifestyle choices play a role.

Sautéed Mushrooms Recipe: Anti-Aging Side Dish

Learn how to cook a sautéed mushroom recipe that is both, delicious and a great source of ergothioneine, an amino acid that helps fight back against premature aging.

Beautiful woman in her 40s using different anti-aging skin care routines to maintain youthful appearance

6 Best Skin Care Products for Women Over 40

Keep your skin looking youthful with these five anti-aging skin care must-haves to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

9 Heart Health Myths You Should Know About

Ready to bust 9 common heart health myths? If you’re a fan of red wine, red meat and butter, read on!

Woman pulling heart healthy baked salmon out from oven

What Does Fish Oil Do for the Heart?

Packed with omega-3s, EPA and DHA - there’s nothing fishy when it comes to the heart health benefits of fish oil.

7 Best Supplements for Longevity

Want to live a long, healthy life? These supplements are known to support longevity—and they offer other benefits to enrich the quality of your life.

Woman wearing a straw hat to protect her skin from the sun

How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin

Has your skin seen better days, thanks to damage from the sun and UV rays? Here’s how you can reclaim healthier, more youthful skin.

7 Do’s & Don’ts for Keeping Your Heart Healthy

The top seven dos and don'ts for a heart-healthy lifestyle, according to a sport and health science expert.

Man free weigt traning biceps to support his health with an active lifestyle

Top Supplements for Men

With so many vitamins and supplements to choose from for men over 40, which are the top ones? Check out the best supplements for prostate health, heart health, longevity and workouts in this article.

Is HMB Good for Bodybuilding?

HMB, beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, is a natural compound that boost your muscle mass, strength and support recovery.

Back facing woman rubbing her shoulder

5 Natural Ways to Heal Quickly

Sometimes, life throws you some curveballs—but that doesn't mean you have to be down for the count. Here are 5 tips for getting back on your feet—faster!

The 3 Best Nutrients for Strong Bones & Joints

Why vitamin K2, collagen and glucosamine are the top three nutrients to stay flexible, strong and agile.

Smiling middle-aged woman breaking a nut-filled chocolate bar

Exploring the Changes of Menopause

Here's how menopause transforms bodies, minds and relationships, according to a survey of 1,000 women going through this life-altering transition.

5 Ways to Protect Your Health from Aging Immune Cells

As we age, our immune cells can experience some "wear and tear." With these 5 lifestyle changes, you'll be able to freshen up your body's natural defense system!

Mature woman admiring her good skin in mirror

Anti-Aging Skincare: Everything You Need to Know

Curious about anti-aging skin care? We’ve got you covered with these DO’s and DON’Ts for healthy, young-looking skin.