How to Get a Slimmer Waist: Healthy Hacks

A thinner waist isn’t just about looking great in clothes—it’s also an indicator of good health. Here’s how to get that narrower silhouette…the healthy way (no uncomfortable waist trainers required).

Woman pinching belly to check for bloating or belly fat

Bloating vs. Belly Fat: Why is Your Abdomen Getting Enlarged?

Looking a little “puffier” than usual lately? Here’s how to tell if that belly bulge is due to bloating…or if you’ve put on some weight.

How Does Your Thyroid Impact Your Metabolism?

Does your thyroid impact your metabolism? Life Extension’s Director of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Carrie Decker, discusses the relationship between thyroid health, metabolism, and weight.

Woman with slow thyroid checking her weight on a scale

Can You Lose Weight if Your Thyroid is Slow?

If you’ve got a slow thyroid, losing weight can feel like an uphill battle…even if you watch what you eat and exercise. Learn which diets are best for hypothyroidism.

Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto: Which is Better?

Not sure if you should eat like you live in Greece—or load up on bacon grease? Here are the pros and cons of the Mediterranean vs. the keto diets.

Woman happy to be start eating a flexitarian-diet based burger at restaurant

Flexitarian Diet: Pros & Cons

Are you looking to add more plant-based foods into your meals but don’t want to stop eating meat and other animal products? The flexitarian diet may be the answer.

How to Control Your Appetite: 14 Tips

Looking to get a handle on your hunger? Our registered dietitian Holli Ryan offers these 14 tips for keeping your appetite in check.

Man drinking fresh green juice to promote detoxification

Should You Do a Diet Detox?

Is a detox diet necessary for your liver and overall health? Is it safe? Read more about cleanse diets and healthier alternatives.

16 Foods to Stop Unhealthy Cravings

Craving junk food? These 16 healthy options will curb your hunger and satisfy those hankerings for sugary, overly processed foods.

Man exercising and dieting for combined weight management

Diet vs. Exercise for Weight Loss: What’s the Difference?

Looking to lose weight and keep it off for good? Follow the 80% diet, 20% exercise rule to crush your goals.

How to Boost Your Metabolism: A Helpful Guide

Burn fat and increase your metabolism naturally by incorporating these healthy habits and dietary changes into your wellness routine.

Variety of healthy fruits, nuts and other snacks on the table

How Often Should You Snack?

What should you snack on and when? The answers depend on your calorie needs, but here are some healthy snack suggestions.

Do Appetite Suppressants Work?

Intense food cravings can make those weight loss goals out of reach—so perhaps you're considering an appetite suppressant. We take a deep dive into healthy, natural strategies to control your hunger and keep those "munchies" in check.

Woman eating berry salad to help her metabolism

What Is Reverse Dieting?

If you’ve been dieting on and off your whole life, you might benefit from reverse dieting, which increases your calories to improve your resting metabolic rate.

The MIND Diet: Recipes & Food List

Got healthy food on the brain? Find out what the MIND diet is, which foods it includes, and how it impacts brain health.

Woman looking in the mirror with positive thoughts

Weight Loss: How to Stop Negative Self-Talk

How does negative self-talk affect your weight? When exercise routines and calorie restriction diet plans don’t seem to be “working,” there’s a factor you haven’t considered: your mind.

Waist Trainers: Are There Better Ways to Shape Your Body?

Perhaps you have considered buying a waist trainer, a body shaping device that influencers like Kardashian made popular. Consider the pros and cons of this corset.

Woman in winter clothing smiling and holding a cookie

How to Manage Weight Without Intermittent Fasting

What is the best diet to lose weight? Counting calories or intermittent fasting could be painful, however the intermittent calorie restriction program has shown benefits.

Four Ways to Prevent Leptin Resistance

Constantly eating? It might be because your brain doesn't process when you feel full. Here are four tips to step away from the dinner table—satisfied but not stuffed!

High knees are one of the best Tabata exercises

Tabata Workout: High Intensity in a Short Period of Time

Tabata is a type of HIIT workout you can do in as few as 4 minutes. Plus, it has surprising health and fitness benefits to keep you moving. Discover the top reasons to try a Tabata workout and the top 10 exercises to incorporate with it.

Additives in Processed Foods: 10 Ingredients to Avoid

You’ve probably heard that ultra-processed foods like chips and breakfast cereal aren’t great for your health, but do you know why? Our registered dietitian Holli Ryan breaks down the 10 additives in processed foods you should avoid.

Tray of roasted nuts that are part of a healthy diet

20 Common Nuts You Should Know About

You’ve probably enjoyed walnuts and almonds, but what about pili nuts, tiger nuts and kona? Check out this list of 20 nuts and learn why they’re a favorite among dietitians.

14 Best Pasta Alternatives: Buying Guide

On a low-carb or gluten-free diet—or just trying to get the most nutrition from every bite? From soba noodles to “zoodles”, these 14 pasta alternatives are packed with health benefits, texture…and tons of taste!

Fasting is not eating purposefully

10 Best Foods to Break a Fast

Fasting—where you don’t eat for extended periods of time—has many health benefits. These 10 food and drink options to break your fast will help you maximize the health benefits of your fast, and keep you from taking in too many calories, sugar and fats when you do start eating again!

What are High-Intensity Workouts? Health Benefits, Types and Ideas

You don’t need a lot of time or special equipment to improve your fitness, have fun and torch a ton of calories in the process! Here’s everything you need to know about HIIT.

Detox juices offer many nutrients

3 Healthy Detox Juice Recipes

Forget the expensive store-bought juice cleanses and check out these three healthy detox juice recipes instead. In bright colors and with both sweet and savory flavors, you’ll be hooked!

How to Start the Mediterranean Diet + Meal Planning Ideas

Wondering how to start the Mediterranean Diet? Learn what can you eat, the main staples, benefits, and meal planning tips from a registered dietitian-nutritionist.

Woman practicing intuitive eating with green smoothie

What is Intuitive Eating?

Ever feel like you’re a slave to your measuring cups and food scale as you carefully count every calorie? You might benefit from intuitive eating, a healthy approach to eating that focuses on hunger cues rather than restriction.

Should I Take Supplements When Dieting?

Should you be taking supplements if you are on a diet? Weight loss can mean nutrient deficiency. Here is why you might need multivitamins and other supplements.

Fit woman supplementing with white kidney bean extract running to help burn fat

The Get-Lean Bean: Benefits of White Kidney Bean Extract

Looking to slim and trim your waistline? White kidney bean extract might be the magic bean you need for a weight loss plan.

What is an AMPK Metabolic Activator?

Want to burn stubborn belly fat? Consider incorporating AMPK metabolic activator, a metabolic supplement, into your wellness routine

Woman organizing cooking products in a wooden pantry

Clean Eating: Tips for a Healthy Pantry

Here's how to stock your pantry with healthy food staples—so you can eat clean every day.

How to Get Back in Shape After Inactivity

These quick, simple tricks will help get you back in shape, from couch to cardio, after months of inactivity.

Woman holding side due to discomfort from bloated belly

Bloated Belly? The 5 Best Supplements for Bloating Relief

If your stomach is bloated, supplements can help you feel—and look—like yourself again. Here are our top tips to relieve bloating.