Mold Exposure: Sources and Common Symptoms

Most of us get much more mold exposure than we’re aware of. After all, mold likes to lurk in dark places. But easy tests can shine a light on our mold exposure, both inside our bodies and out.

A healthy gut means being healthy from head to toe

How Do I Know if My Gut Is Healthy?

Your body functions on the many nutrients that come from the food, drinks and supplements you consume. However, it's not enough to just fill your stomach. Your body has to digest and absorb the nutrients from food in order to use them. This is why your gut health and digestive comfort is so important. Here's how to know the status of your gut health—plus how digestion works, why GI health matters, and what you can do (or eat and drink!) to make your gut a happy home.

13 Uses for Citrus Peels You Need to Try

Don’t toss that peel! From eco-friendly household cleaners to aromatherapy, the zest of lemon, orange, lime and other citrus fruits has many uses.

Methylation regulates brain chemistry, immune function and much more

What Is a Genetic Methylation Test?

Genetic tests are increasingly popular—and one of the most valuable ones lets you know more about genes that control important methylation pathways. Here’s everything you need to know about methylation lab tests.

Benefits of Hot and Cold Therapy

Ready to feel the heat? Or is it time to cool down? That’s the million-dollar question when it comes to hot and cold therapy. Explore what these therapies are, how they can benefit your body (especially when it comes to muscle relief) and when you should use them.

Brain exercises can support cognitive function

11 Healthy Brain Habits: Strengthen Your Mind

Looking to unlock your brain’s potential? Look no further than your lifestyle! These 11 everyday choices, including how you eat, exercise, diet, manage stress and even what time you go to sleep every night and get up in the morning, can help (or hinder) your cognition and brain health.

DIY Mimosa Bar: How to Serve Mimosas Like a Professional

What’s better than the champagne and orange juice blend of a mimosa? The array of juices and flavors presented in a DIY mimosa bar! Take your cocktails to the next level with vibrant juices, flavorful garnishes and your favorite bubbly.

People who live in Vermont have the healthiest brain habits

States with the Best Lifestyle for Brain Health

Wondering which states have the best brain health? This exclusive study from Life Extension analyzes brain health metrics by state, and dives into the lifestyle choices critical to keeping our brains young and our bodies healthy.

What Is SIBO? Symptoms, Treatments and More

There can be a lot of reasons why what you eat doesn’t agree with you—and one of them might be SIBO, which stands for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. But how do you know for sure if you have it? The answer is in your breath…

There are plenty of high-protein vegetarian foods

15 Best Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

Steak not on your menu? No problem! From black beans to nutritional yeast, these 15 tasty plant-based protein sources will help you hit your macros, feel satiated and maintain muscle mass.

Free Testosterone: What Is It?

Is there a difference between free testosterone and total testosterone? Yes! Here’s the lowdown on this essential sex hormone and what to do if your levels are low.

Sunscreens are the first step in sun protection

Sunscreen Ingredients to Avoid: Find Out Why

Is the controversy around oxybenzone and other sunscreen ingredients casting a shadow over your skin care routine? We break down the health questions around mineral and chemical sunscreens and shine a light on UV filters that work.

10 Tips on How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Eating balanced meals is essential for a long and healthy life, but it can get expensive! We’ve got 10 tips to help you nourish your body and stay on budget.

Leaky gut can cause stomach pain

8 Gut Health Red Flags

Got a gut feeling that your digestive health isn’t what it should be? Here are 8 signs that your intestinal lining might need a second look—plus, lab tests that can provide you with answers.

9 Natural Sugar Alternatives: Dietitian’s Guide

Trying to limit your sugar intake but concerned about artificial ingredients? Here’s everything you need to know about sugar alternatives—from aspartame to xylitol!

Healthy older couple engaged in art project

Top US States to Live a Long, Healthy Life

Wondering what your zip code says about your predicted lifespan? This exclusive study from Life Extension pinpoints the states where the longest-living Americans live and what factors may explain their longevity.

What Is Biohacking: A Beginner’s Guide

Is "hacking" your biology to enhance wellness and performance real—or a made-up buzzword? Here’s everything you need to know about this trend. Plus, 10 science-based biohacks to help you start your biohacker journey!

Woman holding out plant-based meal that naturally contains antinutrients

Antinutrients: Should You Avoid Them?

Are antinutrients real? Yes! They may have gained a bad rap for their effects on digestion, but should you avoid them? Here’s the lowdown on antinutrients—plus, hacks for how to deal with them, so you don’t cut out healthy foods from your diet.

Immune Shot Recipe: DIY

Drink up! These DIY immune shot recipes can help give your health a boost with potent nutrients like vitamin C, turmeric and other antioxidants.

Woman enjoying healthy pasta

14 Best Pasta Alternatives: Buying Guide

On a low-carb or gluten-free diet—or just trying to get the most nutrition from every bite? From soba noodles to “zoodles”, these 14 pasta alternatives are packed with health benefits, texture…and tons of taste!

Best and Worst States for Holiday Health

Falling off the health bandwagon during the holidays tends to be a universal experience—but residents of some states do a better job than others of maintaining good habits…even when the eggnog beckons.

Tomatoes and other vegetables high in lectin have been blamed for inflammation

Are Lectins Bad for You? Food Guide

What are lectins and do they deserve their bad rap? Registered dietitian and nutritionist Mia Syn Cook explains how these “antinutrients” work and how cooking methods can help.

Low FODMAP Diet Plan: How to Start? (+Recipe)

Want to figure out what foods might be causing your digestive troubles? The low FODMAP diet will help you identify what to eat—and what to avoid—to get your gut feeling good.

Woman following grazing diet lifestyle and eating a snack

Grazing vs Full Meals: What is Best for Your Health?

Is it healthier to nibble all day, stick with three square meals, or somewhere in between? Here’s what the research says about how often you eat impacts your health.

Best and Worst States for Wellness in 2022

The results are in: these are the healthiest and least healthy states in the U.S., based on a wide array of factors including access to green space, physical and mental health, activity, and more. Find out how your state ranks!

Inflammation can affect your muscles

What Does Inflammation Do to The Body? Beginner’s Guide

“Inflammation” is a word you hear often, but what does it mean? Here’s everything you need to know about your body’s inflammatory response—and how diet and lifestyle choices play a role.

Staying Healthy on Vacation: 10 Tips

The good news? You’ve got a vacation planned. The bad news? Extravagant eating (and drinking) can be bad for your health. Follow these 10 tips to enjoy your travels…without derailing your health goals.

Woman holding her head in bed sick from metal toxins

What are Heavy Metals?

We're exposed to heavy metals every day. Some of them are good for us—think zinc and copper. But others can have a negative impact on our health. Here's how to tell the difference.

How to Start the Mediterranean Diet + Meal Planning Ideas

Wondering how to start the Mediterranean Diet? Learn what can you eat, the main staples, benefits, and meal planning tips from a registered dietitian-nutritionist.

Woman practicing intuitive eating with green smoothie

What is Intuitive Eating?

Ever feel like you’re a slave to your measuring cups and food scale as you carefully count every calorie? You might benefit from intuitive eating, a healthy approach to eating that focuses on hunger cues rather than restriction.

9 Heart Health Myths You Should Know About

Ready to bust 9 common heart health myths? If you’re a fan of red wine, red meat and butter, read on!

Vegan woman drinking green smoothie that may be nutrient deficient in areas

9 Common Nutrient Deficiencies in Vegan Diets

While there are plenty of health benefits to being plant-based, there are some nutrients that are abundant in foods of animal origin that vegans may be lacking. Learn why they are important, food and supplement options, and how to test for deficiencies.

How to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Looking to keep your immune system strong? Start incorporating these immune supporting foods, beverages, supplements and lifestyle changes into your wellness routine.

Girl sitting at a table making a stay well checklist

Stay Well Check List: 6 Immune Health Hacks

Are you doing everything you can to stay well? Make sure you can check every box on this immune health checklist!

How Does the Immune System Work?

Your immune system is what keeps you keepin’ on—no matter what challenges life throws your way. This sounds simple…but it’s actually quite complicated! Let’s explore this intricate network of cells, tissues, organs.

Woman sitting on couch with hot tea, battling a common cold

Stay Healthy Year-round With These Immune-supporting Tips

Don't let seasonal immune challenges get you down. Try these natural methods to support your immune system and help you stay at your best.

Stuffed? Help with Holiday Bloating

Ah, the holidays. Tis the season for fabulous feasts with the family—and, unfortunately, digestive discomfort. Here’s how to enjoy all the flavors of the season…without the usual holiday bloating.

Man with hangover waking up to alarm

Natural Hangover Remedies

Wondering whether there are any natural hangover remedies? Here’s the best way to recover from alcohol consumption.

Detoxing Your Liver: A Complete Guide

Want to learn more about detoxing your liver? Find out everything you need to know here in our latest blog post. Read now to learn more!

Close up of womans damaged nail ridges

Ridges in Your Nails Point to Larger Health Problems

Ridges in your nails can point to larger health concerns. What causes ridges in nails. How can I keep them healthy? Read on!

Want a Long, Healthy Life? Strengthen Your Heart Muscle

Want a long, healthy life? Strengthen your cardiac muscle with targeted vitamins, minerals and supplements. Also, make your heart a priority!

Family laughing with each other from joy and releasing tension

The Health Benefits of Laughter

Stressed? Laugh it off! No funny business here, the benefits of laughter cannot be denied.

How to Keep Your Liver Healthy

A healthy liver is one of the keys to a healthy life. Keep reading to learn all about how to keep your liver healthy.

Woman being productive on her loptop

6 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Wondering how to be more productive? Here are six steps you can follow to stay focused and achieve your goals.

7 Do’s & Don’ts for Keeping Your Heart Healthy

The top seven do's and don'ts for a heart-healthy lifestyle, according to a sport and health science expert.

Man with coffee and book looking out a window

Can You Reduce Your Homocysteine Levels?

What causes high homocysteine? Why is it unhealthy to have high homocysteine levels? Fortunately, changing your diet can be the key.

How to Go Gluten Free

There is life after wheat! Our registered dietitian offers practical tips on how to go gluten-free—whether you’re avoiding it because of a health condition, or just want to change up your diet.

Woman on a couch holding her upset stomach

Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Intolerance

What is the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity? Yale Professor Dr. Marie Robert explains the differences.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Go Gluten-Free

Celiac disease isn’t the only reason to avoid gluten. Our registered dietitian explains that a gluten-free diet is right for some people suffering from food sensitivities.

Back facing woman rubbing her shoulder

5 Natural Ways to Heal Quickly

Sometimes, life throws you some curveballs—but that doesn't mean you have to be down for the count. Here are 5 tips for getting back on your feet—faster!

How My Diet Impacts My Health

Food impacts everything from our immune system to digestion to our mental well-being. Registered dietitian Holli Ryan explains why we truly are what we eat.

Young woman on couching thinking of getting a blood test

5 Top Lab Tests Everyone Should Take

Lab tests can get your health on check while you age. Take these blood tests every year to identify nutritional deficiencies and meet your health goals.

These Lab Tests Will Tell You if Your Supplements Are Working

If you take vitamins and supplements, how do you know that they’re benefitting your nutrition? A variety of lab tests can reveal your nutritional status.

Woman with eyes closed meditating

How Have Health Habits Changed During Quarantine?

Has our pursuit of a healthier lifestyle changed during lockdown? Learn about shifts of habits, mental health, sleep patterns and sexuality.

From Chronic Illness to Wellness: One Woman’s Story

Erin Porter overcame health challenges in a surprisingly simple way—she changed her approach to nutrition.

Woman standing on a snowy road looking at her watch

12 Ways to Boost Your Energy in Winter

Does winter get you down? These 12 tips can help you boost your energy naturally and keep your metabolism on high in colder months.

7 Tips for Back Pain Relief

We all get a little achy from time to time, but these 7 tips offer the perfect way to put back discomfort behind you.

Woman holding a lop top video chatting with a friend

7 New Ways to Connect with Friends While Social Distancing

You can still stay connected with friends while social distancing. From birthdays ideas to fitness challenges, check out these 7 fun swap-outs for social activities.

DIY: Common Homemade Disinfectants

If it’s been a struggle to find cleaning spray or wipes, get creative with what you have at home with these DIY ideas for homemade disinfectants.

DIY: Homemade Face Masks For Coronavirus

This DIY article tells you how to make a no-sew mask from a bandana—so you can easily mask up, stay safe and be comfortable.

5 Ways to Protect Your Health from Aging Immune Cells

As we age, our immune cells can experience some "wear and tear." With these 5 lifestyle changes, you'll be able to freshen up your body's natural defense system!

Profile view of a woman with her eyes closed relaxing in the park

Five Ways To Proactively Safeguard Our Health and Wellness

Shoring up your natural defenses is key to staying well. Here are five steps you can take to support your immune health and wellness.

How Honest Are You With Your Doctor?

Does having open and honest conversations with your doctor come naturally to you? You might be surprised to find out that's not the case for everyone.

How to Comfort a Friend Who’s Lost Someone

If your friend is grieving, it’s important to be there for them and to say the right thing. Dr. Kathy Wilson explains how to provide comfort while social distancing.

How Health Habits Change With Age

Which generation has the healthiest habits? What's the right age to prioritize health, and where does each generation seek advice? We polled over 1,000 people between the ages of 21 and 73 about their habits.

Poor Sleep Hygiene? 12 Tips to Help Support Sleep Quality

Tossing and turning all hours of the night? It could be your daily and bedtime habits. Learn how good sleep hygiene can be a game changer in your wellness routine and help you get the quality sleep your body deserves.

12 Types of Vinegar: What's the Difference?

From apple cider vinegar to your everyday balsamic, there are no shortage of vinegar options, and each has somewhat different tastes, uses and potential health benefits. Our registered dietitian (who has quite the vinegar collection of her own) explains the pros and cons of the top 12 varieties.

Bed rotting is a way of managing stress

Bed Rotting: A New Way of Self-Care

“Rotting” in bed might not sound appealing, but it’s all the rage among the TikTok crowd. What’s this self-care trend about? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is My Biological Age?

Want to know how old you really are? Testing your biological age might be a good idea. Learn how lab tests that look at your cellular health offer insight into your true age—no birthday candles required.

Woman riding indoor bike to maintain gym motivation

Workout Motivation: 13 Ways to Pump Yourself Up!

You know you’re supposed to exercise—your health, physical, mental and emotional—depend upon it. But what if you’re not in the mood? Not to worry—these 13 motivational hacks will have you back at the gym with gusto!

Plant-Based Milks Buying Guide: Are They Good For You?

Moo-ve over, cow’s milk—plant-based milks are more popular than ever! But are they healthier than dairy? Our registered dietitian takes a look at the top 9 most popular “mylks” and discusses their health pros and cons.

Group of friends release endorphins with laughter

How to Release Endorphins: 11 Natural Ways

Does anything feel as good as an endorphins rush? Here’s how to get more of this feel-good neurotransmitter in your life—from hugging to acupuncture to daring to eat a spicy pepper.

The Happy Hormones: How to Feel Good

If you’re happy and you know it, thank your "feel good" neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. Here’s how happiness hormones work—and how a healthy lifestyle boosts these chemicals.

Woman sitting on coach eating an avocado salad for both Mediterranean and keto diet

Mediterranean Diet vs. Keto: Which is Better?

Not sure if you should eat like you live in Greece—or load up on bacon grease? Here are the pros and cons of the Mediterranean vs. the keto diets.

Best Exercises for Heart Health

A little exercise goes a long way when it comes to strengthening your heart and improving your overall health. Make sure to incorporate these heart healthy exercises into your wellness routine today.

Woman tasting vegan smoothie from blender

Vegan Supplements: A Buyer’s Guide

What are vegan supplements? And, are they better than traditional supplements? Read on to learn more about the buzz around vegan supplements—plus, how to choose a vegan supplement that’s right for you.

Does Vitamin C Help Support the Immune System?

Learn about why Vitamin C is a star player in immune health, how it supports bone, skin and heart health, and how to get the most out of this essential nutrient.

Man drinking fresh green juice to promote detoxification

Should You Do a Diet Detox?

Is a detox diet necessary for your liver and overall health? Is it safe? Read more about cleanse diets and healthier alternatives.

16 Foods to Stop Unhealthy Cravings

Craving junk food? These 16 healthy options will curb your hunger and satisfy those hankerings for sugary, overly processed foods.

Woman on the couch feeling very relaxed

How to Maintain Normal Cortisol Levels

The ultimate guide to help manage stress so you can regulate and maintain normal cortisol levels

What to Do When You Can't Sleep

If you can't fall asleep and find yourself restless in the middle of the night, check out these tips and tricks for getting some sleep.

Woman sleeping on her side

How to Get Better Sleep: A Helpful Guide

Tossing and turning all night? Here are nine tips to help you fall asleep and stay asleep all night long.