How Does the Immune System Work?

Your immune system is what keeps you keepin’ on—no matter what challenges life throws your way. This sounds simple…but it’s actually quite complicated! Let’s explore this intricate network of cells, tissues, organs.

Stuffed? Help with Holiday Bloating

Two of the most popular fat burner supplements are CLA and L-carnitine. So what happens when you take both of them at the same time? Learn whether it’s safe to take both—and other weight management supplements to consider.

Natural Hangover Remedies

Wondering whether there are any natural hangover remedies? Here’s the best way to recover from alcohol consumption.

How to Go Gluten Free

There is life after wheat! Our registered dietitian offers practical tips on how to go gluten-free—whether you’re avoiding it because of a health condition, or just want to change up your diet.

Stay Healthy Year-round With These Immune-supporting Tips

Don't let seasonal immune challenges get you down. Try these natural methods to support your immune system and help you stay at your best.

How My Diet Impacts My Health

Food impacts everything from our immune system to digestion to our mental well-being. Registered dietitian Holli Ryan explains why we truly are what we eat.

Stay Well Checklist

A strong immune system has never been more important. Despite the media buzz, simple choices are the best defense. Check off each item on this stay-well checklist.

Can You Reduce Your Homocysteine Levels?

What causes high homocysteine? Why is it unhealthy to have high homocysteine levels? Fortunately, changing your diet can be the key.

5 Natural Ways to Heal Quickly

Sometimes, life throws you some curveballs—but that doesn't mean you have to be down for the count. Here are 5 tips for getting back on your feet—faster!

From Chronic Illness to Wellness: One Woman’s Story

Erin Porter overcame health challenges in a surprisingly simple way—she changed her approach to nutrition.

These Lab Tests Will Tell You if Your Supplements Are Working

If you take vitamins and supplements, how do you know that they’re benefitting your nutrition? A variety of lab tests can reveal your nutritional status.

How Have Health Habits Changed During Quarantine?

Has our pursuit of a healthier lifestyle changed during lockdown? Learn about shifts of habits, mental health, sleep patterns and sexuality.

7 Tips for Back Pain Relief

We all get a little achy from time to time, but these 7 tips offer the perfect way to put back discomfort behind you.

5 Ways to Protect Your Health from Aging Immune Cells

As we age, our immune cells can experience some "wear and tear." With these 5 lifestyle changes, you'll be able to freshen up your body's natural defense system!

Five Ways To Proactively Safeguard Our Health and Wellness

Shoring up your natural defenses is key to staying well. Here are five steps you can take to support your immune health and wellness.

How Honest Are You With Your Doctor?

Does having open and honest conversations with your doctor come naturally to you? You might be surprised to find out that's not the case for everyone.

7 New Ways to Connect with Friends While Social Distancing

You can still stay connected with friends while social distancing. From birthdays ideas to fitness challenges, check out these 7 fun swap-outs for social activities.

DIY: Homemade Face Masks For Coronavirus

This DIY article tells you how to make a no-sew mask from a bandana—so you can easily mask up, stay safe and be comfortable.

DIY: Common Homemade Disinfectants

If it’s been a struggle to find cleaning spray or wipes, get creative with what you have at home with these DIY ideas for homemade disinfectants.

How to Keep Your Liver Healthy

A healthy liver is one of the keys to a healthy life. Keep reading to learn all about how to keep your liver healthy.

6 Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Wondering how to be more productive? Here are six steps you can follow to stay focused and achieve your goals.

Want a Long, Healthy Life? Strengthen Your Heart Muscle

Want a long, healthy life? Strengthen your cardiac muscle with targeted vitamins, minerals and supplements. Also, make your heart a priority!

3 Safe Sugar Alternatives

Too much sugar can cause a lot of problems, but natural sugar alternatives such as stevia, xylitol, and even honey offer healthier choices.

Ridges in Your Nails Point to Larger Health Problems

Ridges in your nails can point to larger health concerns. What causes ridges in nails. How can I keep them healthy? Read on!

12 Ways to Boost Your Energy in Winter

Does winter get you down? These 12 tips can help you boost your energy naturally and keep your metabolism on high in colder months.

The Health Benefits of Laughter

Stressed? Laugh it off! No funny business here, the benefits of laughter cannot be denied.

5 Top Lab Tests Everyone Should Take

Lab tests can get your health on check while you age. Take these blood tests every year to identify nutritional deficiencies and meet your health goals.

7 Do’s & Don’ts for Keeping Your Heart Healthy

The top seven dos and don'ts for a heart-healthy lifestyle, according to a sport and health science expert.

Clean Eating: Tips for a Healthy Pantry

Here's how to stock your pantry with healthy food staples—so you can eat clean every day.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Go Gluten-Free

Celiac disease isn’t the only reason to avoid gluten. Our registered dietitian explains that a gluten-free diet is right for some people suffering from food sensitivities.

Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Intolerance

What is the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity? Yale Professor Dr. Marie Robert explains the differences.

Detoxing Your Liver: A Complete Guide

Want to learn more about detoxing your liver? Find out everything you need to know here in our latest blog post. Read now to learn more!

How to Comfort a Friend Who’s Lost Someone

If your friend is grieving, it’s important to be there for them and to say the right thing. Dr. Kathy Wilson explains how to provide comfort while social distancing.