Discover Whole-Body Wellness

Discover Whole-Body Wellness

Good health is our most important asset. Maintain your health with a nutritious diet, exercise and targeted supplementation. Your body relies on a number of systems to perform its best, so promoting your cardiovascular, metabolic, cognitive and immune systems is vital. You can greatly affect your overall wellness by practicing good sleep habits, eating well, exercising and supplementing with nutrients that support optimal health.

General Health & Wellness

Support your best health with a healthy diet, regular exercise, sensible lifestyle choices and targeted nutrition.

General Health & Wellness Information & Research

How can I maintain my best health naturally?

A plant-based diet with adequate protein, either from vegetarian sources or from lean meats, is a cornerstone of health. The Mediterranean diet is one such diet that has been scientifically validated to support health as we age. Both strength training and aerobic exercise can support health, and it is ideal to incorporate both of them into your exercise routine. Keeping our hormones, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels inside an optimal range can also vastly support health.

How can I support my immune system?

Healthy immune function depends on several critical factors. Healthy stress management and restful sleep are important. Eating a diet that includes plenty of fruits and veggies, including mushrooms, garlic and onions and minimizes sugar is a good idea. In addition, supplementing with vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and selenium can help support immune system health by getting it the nutrients it needs. Reishi mushroom, beta-glucan or the herb andrographis can provide extra support.

What are the most important and heart-healthy foods?

A heart-healthy diet is one with lots of variety. Foods like fish that are high in omega-3s are good for supporting heart health. Nuts and olive oil, which are rich in healthy unsaturated fats, should also feature in a heart-healthy diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables—aim for at least 5 servings a day. Whole grains, legumes, lean animal proteins and low-fat dairy products are also good additions. Foods to limit include red meat high in saturated fats, processed foods with trans fats and added sugar.

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