Longevity Goes a Long Way

Longevity Goes a Long Way

Diet and exercise are key to living longer, but supplements can bridge many dietary gaps and promote youthful cellular health and longevity to help us thrive. Calorie-restrictive diets support longevity by encouraging a healthy stress and inflammatory response and maintaining healthy cell metabolism. But calorie-restricted diets are hard to maintain. Compounds like resveratrol mimic the effects of caloric restriction. You can also promote longevity by managing senescent cell burden, encouraging youthful immune response and more.

General Anti-Aging & Longevity

Fight Father Time with a healthy diet, exercise, testing and getting the right vitamins and nutrients you need to live a long, healthy life.

Anti-Aging & Longevity Information & Research

Can you reverse aging?

Although a healthy lifestyle and certain nutrients have been shown to extend life and improve markers of aging, the science needed to actually reverse the aging process is still in development. Scientists are hard at work trying to unlock the genetic and cellular secrets of aging. Until they break the code, taking nutrients that activate the AMPK enzyme, using energy promoting nutrients such as nicotinamide riboside and supporting youthful hormone levels are some important anti-aging strategies.

At what age should you use anti-aging products?

Many products known for their anti-aging benefits are anti-aging because they support healthy metabolic processes, promote a healthy inflammatory response and inhibit oxidative stress on cells. Maintaining youth and health is easier when you start early rather than only making the effort once there is a decline. For this reason, individuals over 18 may choose to use nutrients to maintain optimal metabolic function and promote a healthy inflammatory response and inhibit oxidation for optimal health.

How can I age less quickly?

Subjecting your body to stress, including the cellular stressors of toxins, smoking and processed foods, causes an acceleration of the aging process, so it is important to avoid harmful substances in our environment and diet. The body also needs to be nutritionally replete and have an arsenal of antioxidants to combat aging, so it is important to eat variety of different colored fruits and vegetables and take a quality multivitamin. The nutrient resveratrol may also promote expression of some genes associated with longevity.

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