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About Life Extension Magazine

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Editorial Mission: "Life Extension is dedicated to educating health-conscious individuals everywhere about innovative approaches to health care and maintenance that can improve and extend the range and quality of one's life. We strive diligently to inform our readers about the latest and most scientifically sound protocols related to disease prevention, treatment, anti-aging, life-sustaining and nutritional supplements designed to impart health, well-being and longevity."

Every month, Life Extension Foundation members, customers and subscribers receive the 104-page Life Extension magazine that delivers up-to-date coverage of the latest scientific and medical breakthroughs from around the world.

What Makes Life Extension Magazine Unique

Life Extension magazine is source-one for late-breaking news regarding the most recent advances in health, longevity and nutrition, not covered by other consumer health publications. Read by doctors, scientists and consumers alike, Life Extension reports on the scientific research and trends that are revolutionizing the health care industry and enhancing and extending our lives.

Our readers look to Life Extension as the most qualified source for their health, medical and nutritional information. We cover every conceivable topic that affects the range of human health, life span and well being, reporting it in a compelling, interesting and easy-to-understand fashion. All articles provide scientific references.

Our Scientific and Medical advisory boards are comprised of many of the most knowledgeable, respected, and innovative scientific minds in the world today. These are men and women who are not only pillars of the traditional scientific and medical communities, but also pioneers in ground-breaking trends in research and practice protocols, designed to enhance and extend human life to the maximum. Our staff and contributors are on the front lines of science and medicine with respect to identifying and reporting on the most revolutionary and visionary trends in the world of health.

If it's related to health and longevity, you'll find it first and foremost within the pages of Life Extension magazine.