Gastric Discomfort Supplements

Need a gut check on your gut health? While it’s inevitable to experience occasional gastric discomfort, these formulas are designed to support your digestive system, fight occasional gas and bloating and provide optimal comfort.

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Gastric Discomfort

Eating a healthy diet sometimes can lead to discomfort. Enjoy every last bite with help from nutrients that protect the delicate lining of your esophagus and fight occasional bloating and gas.

Best esophagus health supplements

When it comes to healthy digestion and dietary supplements to support your best gastric health, start with supplements that support the esophagus—the muscular tube in your digestive tract that connects the throat and the stomach.

There are several nutrients that can help support esophageal health and overall comfort. For example, the combination of alginic acid and potassium bicarbonate creates a protective barrier between the stomach and esophagus to both protect delicate esophageal tissue from harsh stomach acids and support digestive comfort. Pairing calcium and magnesium carbonate together is also a good idea—this duo helps support healthy pH balance in the esophagus.

Which supplements help with occasional gas and bloating?

Sometimes even healthy eating choices can lead to occasional gas or bloating. And from time to time, we all need a little help moving things along the digestion road, no matter if it's food that traditionally doesn't break down as quickly or easy-to-digest foods.

For occasional gas or bloating, the digestive health blend of artichoke and ginger extract, fennel seeds and turmeric (curcumin) can help tackle gastric discomfort head-on. Artichoke and ginger extracts help move things along your digestive tract, while fennel seed oil helps inhibit the activity of digestive health bacteria that can contribute to occasional gas. Finally, turmeric supports overall gastrointestinal health and function. While there are turmeric and ginger supplement options available, formulas that include all of these ingredients might be your best bet for relief.

Digestive enzymes (look for ones that contain alpha-galactosidase to help digest plant-based foods) are also good options for overall digestive health and comfort. You can find them with or without probiotics.

Does zinc L-carnosine support your stomach lining?

Yes! While zinc alone is essential for many healthy body functions, combining zinc with the amino acid carnosine helps augment those effects even further. Zinc L-carnosine is delivered directly to the stomach wall and sticks more tightly to it than either compound alone.

How does it accomplish this? Zinc L-carnosine promotes a healthy inflammatory response, supports a healthy stomach environment and even encourages production of mucus—essential for protecting the parts of the stomach where it is most needed.

Why does DGL licorice help with occasional gastric discomfort?

Specific flavonoid compounds in DGL licorice root contribute to its ability to fight gastric discomfort. These properties of licorice root help inhibit inflammation to support esophageal health.

That's not all. The flavonoids in licorice root also support healthy mucus production, which is essential for providing a protective barrier between the lining of the esophagus and more harsh stomach acids. This make it easier to support your esophagus, stomach and overall GI health.

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