Are You Healthy? These Tests Reveal the Truth

Mature woman checking out her wellbeing lab results
Mature woman checking out her wellbeing lab results

Assorted lab tests offer a complete picture of your health

There’s a reason why doctors order these comprehensive blood tests year after year. Taking these basic lab tests is the key to staying on top of your health and catching any concerns early, before they develop into an illness. From a routine CBC to healthy aging panels, these labs provide the information you need to make important decisions about your diet and lifestyle.

Why take general wellbeing lab tests?

  • Ensure your blood count and other key health factors are within a normal range
  • Figure out if there’s medical reason why maintaining a healthy weight is difficult for you
  • Aging is a part of life, but are you aging at a normal rate? Find out for sure
  • Arrive at your annual doctor’s exam, armed with the most comprehensive tests available!


How Life Extension lab testing works


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Recommended Health & Wellbeing Lab Tests

These comprehensive blood tests provide an accurate snapshot of your health profile.

Basic yearly blood tests for wellness & prevention

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Our Chemistry Panel & Complete Blood Count (CBC) helps assess cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing by measuring cholesterol, triglycerides and blood cell count. It also reports on health markers that indicate liver and kidney function.

Combines a Complete Blood Count (CBC) with a Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy test

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Basic blood panel

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To assess general health, this test evaluates thyroid function, three vitamin levels, cardiovascular risk, four insulin resistance markers and a complete blood count and metabolic panel.

Genetic tests for common variants that affect metabolism

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Both MTHFR and COMT genes affect brain chemistry, immune health, inflammation, energy production, cardiovascular health and more. This cheek swab test can help determine if you have common variants of either gene.

Test your real age—assess factors associated with healthy aging

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As we age, we may see declines in our thyroid function, insulin resistance markers, cardiovascular risk and other functions. Take this test to find out your “true” age and become aware of potential areas for concern.

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The Rx’d Performance Panel includes tests for energy and performance enhancers (testosterone and TSH), performance inhibitors (glucose), endurance (ferritin and hemoglobin) and hydration status (electrolytes and CBC).

Fourteen panels and tests that help manage chronic fatigue

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Chronic fatigue syndrome can be associated with vague and changing symptoms. These tests help identify viruses that may play a role in the disease and can help pinpoint areas of concern.

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The Rx’d PLUS Performance panel includes tests for energy and performance enhancers (testosterone, DHEA-S, TSH), performance inhibitors (glucose, insulin, cortisol), endurance, overtraining indicators and hydration status.

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The 20 tests in the Rx’d ULTIMATE Performance Panel Blood Test include tests for energy and performance enhancers (testosterone, DHEA-S and more), performance inhibitors, endurance, overtraining indicators and hydration status.

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