Immune Seasonal & Nasal Support Supplements

Your immune health is a critical part of maintaining your overall well-being. And there are certain times of the year when you just need a little extra support. Breathe easy with formulas that help support your sinus health and nasal passages, respiratory health and more.

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Seasonal Immune Supplements

As the seasons change, so should your immune health strategy! These supplements can help you prepare for anything that comes your way.

Nasal Support

Keep your health on the nose with specialized formulas that offer targeted support for your sinuses and nasal function.

Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals

Did you know that specific vitamins and minerals are known for immune system support? Shore up your natural defenses with these favorites.

What are seasonal immune supplements?

While we always want to keep our immune system in tip-top shape, there are certain times of year when we might need a little extra reinforcement to ensure that the immune system is well reinforced! Seasonal immune supplements help assist the body in shoring up its defenses. This is a proactive way to head off any seasonal challenges that might be lingering in the air.

Some mainstays when it comes to seasonal immune support include elderberry, zinc and vitamin C. These immune-modulating nutrients can be even more powerful when combined (especially in winter!). Bioflavonoids like quercetin are also solid immune health options—and are often paired with vitamin C for comprehensive support. Other nutrients to keep you healthy all year long include modified rice bran to support natural killer cell activity, black cumin seed oil and beta glucans to promote a balanced immune response in the face of seasonal challenges, and vitamins D and E for general immune health.  

Best supplements for nasal support

Your nose knows…when it comes to disturbances in the air, that is! It's the first to identify things like pollen, dirt and dust. While these pieces of matter are generally harmless in small concentrations (our immune system typically ignores them to avoid an excess of histamine—a compound that affects airflow in the nasal pathways), supplements that keep your nasal and sinus passages clear in the face of less-than-desirable air quality will keep you breathing easy…no matter which way the wind's blowing!

When it comes to nasal support, turn to nutrients like Tinospora to help maintain balanced immune cell and macrophage function—both of which optimize your overall immune response. A full spectrum mushroom complex might also be a smart choice to add to your nasal support regimen. It encourages the protective activity of immune cell function and other necessary factors.

Can probiotics promote a healthy immune response?

Yes! Despite the fact that probiotics are famous for gut health, specific strains of probiotics can help keep your immune system, and even your nasal passages, healthy as well. Lactobacillus rhamnosus CRL1505, a specific probiotic strain that comes from goat's milk, can offer nasal protection when immune challenges arise. Combining it with brewer's yeast can help enhance the probiotic's effects. Together, these supplements help your immune system respond to things in the environment like pollen, promote natural killer cell activity, and lessen overall duration and response to immune challenges.

Does NAC support your immune system?

Yes, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) offers terrific and comprehensive support to your immune system. Whether you are trying to be proactive about maintaining a robust immune response, or looking to fight seasonal immune challenges, NAC has you covered.

This powerful antioxidant helps your body create glutathione, another important antioxidant that allows your immune and respiratory health to function properly without the burden of oxidative stress. By supporting your body's ability to function at the cellular level, NAC makes it easy to show those immune challenges the door.

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