Build a strong foundation for better health

Achieving long-term health begins with a strong foundation of healthy food and regular exercise. Adding the right supplements is also key. Knowing where to start can be confusing. We suggest a daily multivitamin and quality fish oil for whole-body wellness, probiotics for good gut health, CoQ10 for cellular fuel and longevity, and curcumin (turmeric) for oxidative stress. All are essential to overall health and vitality.

Add these core vitamins & supplements to your health routine


Vitamins and minerals are essential to your health, but most of us don’t get enough of them. Choose a potent formula that meets or even exceeds your daily requirements.


The benefits of probiotics go far beyond help for the occasional digestive discomfort. Researchers continue to uncover exciting new facets of how these beneficial bacteria have a profound impact on overall health.


CoQ10 is essential for producing energy at the cellular level. But over time, our ability to synthesize CoQ10 diminishes. We use the ubiquinol form of C0Q10, because it absorbs up to eight times better than its ubiquinone counterpart.

Fish Oil

Omega-3s from fish oil are popular, not only because of the researched health benefits, but many of us simply don’t get enough in the foods we eat. Support your heart and cognitive function with these essentials to healthy living.


Curcumin has well-documented health benefits for your heart, mind, joints and immune system. Our latest formulation, Curcumin Elite™, is our best proprietary curcumin yet, with over 45 times more free curcuminoids than standard curcumin.

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