New Science, NEW Supplements!

Cutting-Edge Formulas for a Healthier You

New Science, NEW Supplements!

Cutting-Edge Formulas for a Healthier You

Vegan Pro Collagen

Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, vegan alternative
This vegan alternative to popular collagen formulas has the exact amino acid profile as type I collagen along with vitamin C, gotu kola and ginseng root extracts, which have been clinically studied to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 14% and increase collagen density by 8% after just eight weeks of usage. Build better beauty with Vegan Pro Collagen!
*Not a low-calorie food.


Aged Black Garlic

Heart health, cholesterol & blood pressure support
Get to the heart of garlic’s cardiovascular benefits with new Aged Black Garlic! This clinically studied extract helps maintain already-healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, vital components of overall cardiovascular health. Each once-daily capsule delivers 500 mg of aged black garlic, containing 2.5 mg of heart-healthy antioxidant S-allyl-cysteine in every non-GMO, vegetarian, gluten-free capsule.


Lower Back Relief

For discomfort and occasional stiffness
An estimated 39% of adults complain of lower back discomfort…but don’t let it bench you! Get back in action with our new botanical formula. This clinically studied Chinese chaste tree and ginger combination helps relieve lower back discomfort and occasional back stiffness in as little as 7 days. Try Lower Back Relief—and get back in the game!


Healthy Aging Powder

Cardiovascular health, mood support, cognitive function
Aging in good health means a healthy heart, a sharp mind and an active body. Our newest triple-nutrient blend combines taurine for cardiovascular health, lithium for a healthy mood, and spermidine from wheat germ extract to promote memory, three key pillars of healthy aging. Stay ahead of Father Time with Healthy Aging Powder!