FLORASSIST® Probiotic for Digestive Health

Elevate Your Health with FLORASSIST®

We’ve all heard that probiotics promote digestive health and even immunity. But probiotics are great for all kinds of things. FLORASSIST® formulas from Life Extension® feature specific strains scientifically studied to provide microbiome support for immune health, mood, heart health, throat and, of course, digestive health.

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take a FLORASSIST® Supplement

  • FLORASSIST® GI with Phage Technology promotes digestive health
  • FLORASSIST® Nasal promotes a healthy immune response to seasonal challenges
  • FLORASSIST® Mood Improve encourages a healthy sense of well-being
  • FLORASSIST® Heart Health helps maintain already-healthy cholesterol levels

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Probiotics and prebiotics aren’t just for your tummy. They support everything from your heart and liver to your mood and beyond. Compare our different FLORASSIST® products, which are formulated to support specific areas of health.

FLORASSIST® for digestive health

Our FLORASSIST® GI features bacteriophage technology to target unwanted bacteria, as well as a probiotic blend that’s dual-encapsulated to get past your stomach to promote digestive health. We also offer FLORASSIST® Balance for optimized digestion and FLORASSIST® Prebiotic Chewables.

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FLORASSIST® for immune health, mood and beyond

FLORASSIST® Nasal promotes healthy immune response to environmental changes. FLORASSIST® Throat Health supports oral health. FLORASSIST® Mood Improve promotes emotional well-being and balanced mood, and FLORASSIST® Heart Health actually helps maintain already-healthy cholesterol levels.

See FLORASSIST® for Immune Health, Mood and Beyond Products

FLORASSIST® GI targets unwanted bacteria with an innovative bacteriophage technology and includes a dual-encapsulated, probiotic blend. Our other products for digestive health include our FLORASSIST® Balance for optimized digestion and FLORASSIST® Prebiotic Chewables.

Best In Class | Best Seller

Our Best in Class formula for digestive probiotic benefits

4.7 (172)
30 liquid capsules
Super Sale
  • $24.75
  • $22.28
  • Save $2.47

Are you getting the maximum probiotic benefits? FLORASSIST® GI targets unwanted bacteria with a novel bacteriophage blend while delivering 6 healthy probiotic strains for digestive health support.

FLORASSIST Balance Probiotic Formula, 30 liquid vegetarian capsules

Probiotic supplement promotes digestive & whole-body health

4.9 (85)
30 liquid capsules
Super Sale
  • $24.00
  • $21.60
  • Save $2.40

FLORASSIST® Balance probiotic formula has six strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics to optimize digestive health, promote healthy immune response and support whole-body health.

Prebiotic supplement provides fiber & fuel for gut flora

4.7 (81)
60 chewable tablets
Super Sale
  • $15.00
  • $13.50
  • Save $1.50

FLORASSIST® Prebiotic Chewable is the perfect complement to your probiotic supplement. These delicious strawberry-flavored chewables provide the fiber your beneficial gut bacteria need to thrive.

We offer different versions of FLORASSIST® for different health concerns , including maintaining a healthy immune response to environmental changes, helping maintain already-healthy cholesterol levels and more.

Best In Class | Best Seller

Promotes eye & nose comfort and a healthy immune response

3.9 (9)
30 capsules
Super Sale
  • $27.00
  • $24.30
  • Save $2.70

FLORASSIST® Nasal formula combines EpiCor® brewer’s yeast extract and heat-treated L-92® L. acidophilus to promote a comfortable immune response to the environment.

Throat probiotic lozenge

3.7 (10)
30 lozenges
Super Sale
  • $15.00
  • $13.50
  • Save $1.50

FLORASSIST® Throat Health is a powerful probiotic lozenge that offers a defense for your throat with BLIS K12®.

Probiotic and saffron blend enhances mood & mental outlook.

4.6 (22)
30 capsules
Super Sale
  • $23.25
  • $20.93
  • Save $2.32

FLORASSIST® Mood Improve combines innovative probiotics with a standardized saffron extract to support emotional well-being and help maintain a balanced mood.

Probiotic supplement for heart health

4.7 (13)
60 capsules
Super Sale
  • $24.00
  • $21.60
  • Save $2.40

Our FLORASSIST® Heart Health probiotic supplement is made with a novel probiotic shown to promote cardiovascular health by supporting already healthy cholesterol & C-reactive protein levels.

Best In Class | Best Seller

A probiotic lozenge that promotes overall oral health

4.9 (43)
30 lozenges
Super Sale
  • $15.00
  • $13.50
  • Save $1.50

The ingredients in FLORASSIST® Oral Hygiene probiotic lozenges help inhibit undesirable bacteria in the mouth and support optimal oral health, immune function and more.

Best In Class

Seasonal pre & probiotics

1.9 (12)
30 stick pack
Super Sale
  • $29.25
  • $26.33
  • Save $2.92

This formula combines a clinically studied blend of five probiotic strains with a prebiotic called galactooligosaccharide (GOS) to promote a healthy immune response during the winter months.

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