Scale Won’t Budge? Learn Why With Weight Loss Tests

Woman weighing herself on scale
Woman weighing herself on scale

Find out why you’re having trouble losing weight

If only maintaining a healthy weight were as simple as the “calories in, calories out” formula. In truth, a number of genetic and biological factors can impact your weight—ranging from leptin resistance, which means you never feel full—to hormone imbalances. Once you understand why diet and exercise haven’t been sufficient to get you to your ideal weight range, you can modify your lifestyle and work with your doctor to develop a strategy to achieve your health goals.

Weight loss tests can help:

  • Find out if an abnormal thyroid is making it harder to lose weight
  • Learn whether hormone imbalances and elevated cortisol are contributing to your diet struggles
  • See whether food allergies or intolerances are at play
  • Test for leptin resistance, insulin resistance and more!


How Life Extension lab testing works


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Weight Loss Lab Tests

These tests determine whether a biological process may be making it more difficult for you to lose weight. Whether it's your thyroid, metabolism or resistance to leptin or insulin, get the answers you seek with these blood tests.

Lab test to measure factors for weight loss & management

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This test will help identify any imbalances in your thyroid, reproductive and stress hormones, which can impact your ability to maintain a healthy weight.

Basic tests that measure factors involved in weight management

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The Basic Weight Loss Panel includes a complete metabolic panel with lipids, complete blood count, DHEA-S, free and total testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, cortisol, thyroid stimulating hormone, free T3, insulin and HbA1c.

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Life Extension Lab Testing

It's never been more important to unlock the truth about your health—whether that's a comprehensive view of your vitamin D levels, CBC, and hormone balance--or taking a deep dive and looking for signs of cancer, Alzheimer's, and other diseases.

Lab testing is a breeze!

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