Just for Ladies: Female Lab Tests

Smiling woman viewing lab results on her phone
Smiling woman viewing lab results on her phone

Comprehensive lab tests for women

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to women’s health. There are certain tests women should take every year, and they may vary if you’re under 50 or over 50. Hormone tests to check estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels will offer you an accurate picture of your health. Life Extension’s women’s lab tests also will help you understand vitamin and iron deficiencies, thyroid health—even whether you have markers for certain cancers.

Why take women’s lab tests?

  • Find out if your hormones are in balance with tests for estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels
  • Get a comprehensive health analysis with our Female Health Panel, including thyroid health, iron levels and more
  • Trying to get pregnant? Assess your fertility and whether you’re ovulating normally
  • Screen for certain types of cancer and more


How Life Extension lab testing works


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Women's Health Quiz

Ladies, feeling your best isn’t just for the young! Find out which nutrients will support your health—at any age.

Women’s Lab Tests

Do yourself a favor every year by taking these important women’s lab tests, which will give you a snapshot of your overall health, hormone levels and more.

Basic bloodwork, plus other important lab tests for women

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This panel measures data essential to a woman’s health: complete blood count (CBC), chemistry panel (including cholesterol), hormones like estradiol, progesterone, DHEA and both free and total testosterone. It also reports on markers like C-reactive protein, circulating vitamin D levels, insulin and more.

Basic hormone test for women

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The Female Basic Hormone Panel is a test that assesses levels of the hormones of concern to women as they age.

The ultimate blood panel for women

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Our Elite Panel blood test for females includes measurements of steroid hormones, thyroid hormones, endocrine hormones, hormone binding proteins, cardiac markers and general health markers.

Female hormone & general health test

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Our Female Comprehensive Hormone Panel tests for thyroid, stress and sex hormones, as well as general health markers, including a complete blood count (CBC) and chemistry panel, which is a complete metabolic panel with lipids.

Designed as an add-on to the Life Extension Female Panel

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A simple add-on to the comprehensive Life Extension® Female Panel, this test will assess your total estrogen and pregnenolone levels.

Identify yeast or bacterial overgrowth as a source of vaginal discomfort.

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The Comprehensive Vaginosis Profile measures important markers of vaginal health and helps distinguish between yeast or bacterial overgrowth as a possible source of vaginal discomfort.

Includes complete blood count, chemistry panel and 8 hormone tests

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If you're looking to keep tabs on your hormone health, take this test regularly to see if your levels remain youthful or are showing signs of change.

Women's Health Quiz

Ladies, feeling your best isn’t just for the young! Find out which nutrients will support your health—at any age.

Life Extension Lab Testing

It's never been more important to unlock the truth about your health—whether that's a comprehensive view of your vitamin D levels, CBC, and hormone balance--or taking a deep dive and looking for signs of cancer, Alzheimer's, and other diseases.

Lab testing is a breeze!

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  2. Follow instructions for easy at home tests, or take your form for bloodwork to a local lab.
  3. Go over your results for FREE with our Wellness Specialists. You can then review with your doctor.

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