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Pet Care Formulas for Optimal Health Support

Animals have different nutritional needs. Our pet supplements provide targeted ingredients to help maintain your pet’s health. These formulas are designed for cats and dogs individually to make sure that your pets are getting the nutrients that will support their optimal health.

4 Reasons Why Every Pet Owner Should Use Our Pet Care Supplements

  • Each formula contains clinically studied ingredients designed to encourage pet health and nutrition.
  • Our ingredients are held to the same standard as the rest of our products, meaning your pet gets formulas with high-quality ingredients, just like you.
  • Cat Mix is formulated to include important nutrients for your pet, such as taurine and arginine.
  • Dog Mix includes ingredients such as carnitine and vitamin E to help support optimal health.

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Dog Mix

Nutritional support for dogs

100 grams


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Your pets may not be getting enough nutrients from their diets. Supplementing with our cat or dog mixes can help promote and maintain optimal nutrition to help keep your pet healthy.

Dog Mix 100 grams - Life Extension

Dog Mix

Dogs have their own set of nutritional needs. They need carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water as part of a balanced diet, just like we do. Our Dog Mix supplements your dog’s diet with additional nutrients to help protect and maintain their health.

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Cat Mix 100 grams - Life Extension

Cat Mix

How can you ensure that your cats are getting all of the nutrients they need through their diet? Supplementing with our Cat Mix helps cover important dietary and nutritional needs, like taurine and arachidonic acid, to support their health.

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Many dog foods don’t give quite the right amount of nutrients that dogs need to stay healthy. Our Dog Mix provides added nutritional support to your dog’s diet to keep them healthy.

Cats require specific nutrients to maintain optimal health. Our Cat Mix provides important ingredients that may not be included in your cat’s food to help keep your cat healthy.

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