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Fur-Ever Healthy

Canine formulas for overall health, joint comfort, stress, and healthy skin and coats

Our delicious soft chews for dogs are made with the same quality and attention to detail as all our supplements. These Fur-Ever healthy formulas are perfect for dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes! Whether you’re looking for a dog multivitamin or a skin and coat supplement for dogs, we’ve got what you need to keep those tails wagging.

4 Reasons to Choose Life Extension® DOG Formulas

  • Tasty soft chews in pet-friendly flavors like chicken, salmon and beef.
  • Made with the same attention to detail as our people supplements—and with quality ingredients. For example, our dog hip and joint supplement provides glucosamine for dogs.
  • Meets your dog's most important health needs—whether that's keeping those hips and joints comfy or supporting healthy skin so your dog spends less time scratching those occasional itches.
  • Designed to keep your dog healthy and thriving for today, tomorrow and many years to come.

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DOG Multivitamin & Probiotics

Dog food supplement, nutrition, digestion, chicken flavor

90 soft chews


Dogs and cats have unique nutritional needs. The Life Extension Dog Mix and Life Extension Cat Mix are formulated to provide healthy nutrients for your four-legged family members!


Best supplements for dogs

When it comes to pet supplies, we tend to think of dog food, toys, maybe even a leash—but what about dog supplements? It turns out that dog vitamins, omega-3 fish oil for dogs, joint support supplements for dogs and a variety of other formulas are available—and they are more important to your dog’s health than that beloved chewy toy! So how do you choose the best pet supplement? Select a manufacturer you trust and look for a pet supplement with ingredients that have no artificial colors or flavors.

Is glucosamine good for a dog’s hips and joints?

Glucosamine is a world-famous health nutrient. Found in joint tissue and in humans, it is thought to help cushion your joints, relieving occasional joint discomfort and helping to maintain healthy joint function. Dogs also benefit from glucosamine. When included in joint support supplements for dogs, glucosamine can help relieve occasional joint discomfort and promote joint health and function for your favorite furry friend.

Does theanine help your dog stay calm?

Theanine (L-theanine) is an amino acid that is found in green tea. It's what gives this relaxing drink its calming properties. Theanine promotes a healthy response to stress, which is great for when your dog is not feeling especially brave or independent. Many people seek calming supplements for dogs during inclement weather, long road trips, or just give their pets calming soft chews before they leave for work.

How to choose the right multivitamin for your dog

Dog vitamins and supplements are different from people supplements, but choosing the right dog multivitamin is similar to choosing one for yourself: find a manufacturer that you trust, one with a reputation for science-based formulas that include the right amounts of the vitamins, probiotics, and immune support ingredients that your dog needs. If it’s a tasty flavored soft chew, all the better!