Vitamins & Supplements

We offer a wide range of vitamins and supplements formulated with pure, independently sourced ingredients, designed to help you live your healthiest life.

Vitamins & Supplements

We offer a wide range of vitamins and supplements formulated with pure, independently sourced ingredients, designed to help you live your healthiest life.

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Vitamins and Supplements: Common Questions

Why are dietary supplements important?

Despite the overabundance of calories in the standard American diet, nutrient deficiencies remain surprisingly common. One study from 2017 reported that 31% of the US population was at risk for at least one nutrient deficiency. Dietary supplements can help fill this gap. Dietary supplements can provide clinically studied nutrients to help maintain wellness. Our bodies require vitamins and supplements to function properly, but with busy lives, readily accessible processed foods and little time for exercise, getting enough essential nutrients is difficult. Our products are formulated to provide optimum benefits.

How do I know that I am taking good-quality vitamins?

Scrupulous dietary supplement companies maintain supply chains that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as set forth in 21 CFR Part 111 of the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act. Make sure the supplement company you choose can confirm their supply chain is GMP compliant. Also, companies that stand by their products should happily provide a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for any product upon request. The CoA provides information related to each product batch’s adherence to finished-product specifications.

How do I choose the right supplement?

Health and nutrition goals can vary a lot from person to person. Finding supplements that align with your goals can be challenging. That’s why we offer comprehensive Supplement Guides to help simplify supplementation. We also offer—as a free service—phone consultations with knowledgeable Wellness Specialists, to help guide you, because every body is different. They can be reached at 1-800-226-2370. Another great way to help determine which supplements might benefit you is by having your blood tested to see if you have biomarkers of any particular concerns that supplements and lifestyle changes might help address.

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Amino Acids

Our bodies use 20 different amino acids to form the proteins required for cells to function properly. Nine of these are essential amino acids.

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Our Best in Class and Best Selling ArthroMax® joint health formulas support healthy cartilage tissue, joint function and more.

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Bone Restore

We offer high-quality supplements with ingredients like magnesium, boron and K2. Our Bone Restore supplements are easily absorbable and help support and promote healthy, strong bones and more.

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Explore the various forms of carnitine to determine which is right for you.

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Our Cognitex® line offers comprehensive cognitive health benefits by supporting neurotransmitter health, memory and cognitive function.

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Our award-winning coenzyme supplement is one of five essential nutrients for maintaining vitality and wellness.

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Curcumin / Turmeric

Curcumin is a turmeric spice extract with widespread health benefits. Our Curcumin Elite™ provides free curcuminoids to support healthy joints, vital organs, heart health and immune response.

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Our best-selling DHEA supplements help maintain optimal DHEA levels for a variety of health benefits, including positive effects on mood, maintaining lean muscle mass and more.

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Digestive Enzymes

These enzymes help break down ingested foods into nutrients the body needs so you can get the most out of what you eat.

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Fish Oil & Omega Supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in cold-water fish (fish oil), chia and flaxseed, are essential to a healthy diet.

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FLORASSIST: Probiotics Supplements

FLORASSIST by Life Extension covers all the prebiotics and probiotics supplements to support your heart and digestion health while keeping your mood on check.

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Food & Drink

From coffees and teas to protein shakes and bars, we offer science-based nutrition for a healthy, vibrant you.

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The products in our GEROPROTECT® line utilize ingredients identified by artificial intelligence to help retain youthful energy and combat aging at the cellular level.

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Letter Vitamins

Even if you try to eat a balanced diet, it’s difficult to get the optimal doses of all the vitamin B, C, D, E and K the body needs.

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Life Extension® Mix

Our potent vitamin, mineral, fruit and vegetable supplement mix is packed with the daily nutrients the body needs to maintain whole-body health and longevity.

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Magnesium Supplements

Which is the best magnesium supplement? Check out our magnesium vitamins to benefit your bone, brain and heart health. For the best absorption, try out the Life Extension Neuro Mag.

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Melatonin Supplements

Get the healthy, restful sleep your body needs. Choose from our variety of melatonin products to get the one that’s right for you.

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Minerals play a part in nearly every aspect of your health. Your body uses them for many important tasks, such as keeping your bones, heart and brain healthy.

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Our best-selling One-Per-Day and Two-Per-Day multivitamin capsules provide a healthy dose of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the body needs.

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NAD+ Supplements: Cell Regenerators

Keep your inside as energetic as your outside, when you fight fatigue at the cellular level and help maintain youthful levels of NAD+ with our nicotinamide riboside supplement.

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Pet Care

Support your pet’s individual diet and help maintain their health with targeted formulas containing common nutrients for both cats and dogs to help them stay healthy.

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Help support healthy and sustained muscle function, while promoting longevity and whole-body wellness with our protein isolate and protein concentrate formulations.

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Our Best in Class resveratrol supplements help maintain health and longevity with a powerful compound found in red grapes and red wine. All the benefits, none of the alcohol.

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Wellness Code®

Our Wellness Code® protein shakes, appetite control and weight management products are backed by years of clinical research to help support healthy muscle function and more.

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Active Lifestyle & Fitness

Achieve your fitness goals with a healthy diet, regular exercise and our specially formulated supplemental nutrients and products designed to fuel your active lifestyle to keep you going further.

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Anti-Aging & Longevity

Living a long and healthy life is important to us all. Over time, the body’s production of vital compounds wanes. Our science-based anti-aging supplements can help promote cellular health & longevity.

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Bone Health

Maintain strong, healthy bones with a healthy diet, regular exercise and our supplements that supply the essential vitamins & minerals you need, such as calcium, vitamins D and K, zinc and more.

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Brain Health

Maintaining your brain health with diet, exercise and supplementation with our wide range of products that promote brain health is one smart move. Stay sharp and try our brain health products today.

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Digestive Health

Maintaining strong digestive health starts with the foods you eat. But it doesn’t stop there. Our digestive support supplements help make the most out of each bite & promote lasting digestive health.

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Energy Supplements

Cellular support supplements to manage and boost your energy. Fight back your fatigue with our energy supplement guide!

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Eye Health

Maintaining good vision is key to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Support your ocular health with the nutrients your eyes need and see our products that promote your best eye health.

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Glucose Management

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels while fasting and after meals, is an integral part of lasting health. Make supporting your health easy with our glucose management products.

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Hair & Nails

Ingested nutrients can benefit the health & appearance of your skin, hair & nails and our clinically studied rejuvenation formulas help do just that. Support lasting beauty today.

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Heart Health

Maintaining already-healthy cholesterol & blood pressure levels are key to supporting heart health. The right supplement can provide nutrients for those with even the most thoughtful of diets.

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Hormone Balance

Hormone balance is important for your overall health and comfort, supporting everything from cellular energy to healthy mood. Check out our hormone health products to fit your specific needs.

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Immune Support

Immune support is crucial to wellness. Eating a diet that includes plenty of fruits and veggies, including mushrooms, garlic and onions, and skipping out on sugar is a good idea.

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Inflammation Management

Inflammation is part of a normal biological response in the body. Find the right nutrition to help inhibit inflammatory factors to support your whole-body health.

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Joint Health

Support joint health with our Best in Class products that help promote a healthy inflammatory response to support healthy cartilage tissue, support joint health and encourage comfortable joint function.

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Kidney, Bladder, Urinary Health

Maintaining good kidney health is important for supporting normal body physiology. Promote urinary function with our products and help support bladder & kidney health for a long & healthy life.

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Liver Health / Detoxification

Support your liver health with our Best in Class products that promote healthy liver function at the cellular level and help protect this vital organ from oxidative stress.

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Men’s Health

Men’s health requires the right diet, lifestyle choices & nutrition to support prostate and hormone health, sexual function & more. Our products help support men’s health for your best healthy life.

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Mood Support

Ease your mind with our best products for mood health and stress management. These formulas use innovative nutrients like probiotics, plant compounds and more to promote a healthy stress response.

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Nerve Health & Comfort Support

Maintaining nerve health plays an essential part in promoting quality of life. Supporting nerve health allows you to live comfortably. Take control of discomfort & try our nerve health support products.

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Sexual Health

Sexual health plays an important role in quality of life for both men & women. It’s vital to be proactive to retain youthful vitality. Check out our products to support optimal sexual health.

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Skin Care

Exclusively formulated for Life Extension®, these products target specific areas to help maintain beautiful, radiant skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other changes that come with age.

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Restful sleep is vital to health and well-being, as are a healthy diet and exercise. For bedtime support, our sleep products are made with and without melatonin to help you get your best rest.

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Stress Management

Every day, we encounter stressors that make it difficult to maintain a healthy balance in life. Find the stress management routine that works for you and a supplement to help support it.

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Thyroid / Adrenal

The thyroid & adrenal glands are essential in hormone production to support optimal health, and these glands need nutritional support. Check out our best supplements for the thyroid & adrenal glands today.

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Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy body weight is more than just looking good. Weight management helps maintain heart, joint & muscle health. Live your best healthy life & discover our weight management products.

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Women’s Health

Women’s health needs differ from men’s, and their breast health, bone health, hormone health & skin need special care. Our products can help support women’s health to promote longevity and vitality.

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Everyday Essential Vitamins

Vitamins and Supplements On Sale

What are vitamins and supplements?

Vitamins are essential nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy—they keep your internal systems working optimally. There are 13 essential vitamins – vitamins A, C, D, E, K, as well as eight different B vitamins – thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, B6, B12 and folate.

Most of these essential nutrients can be found in the healthy foods on your plate, but diet alone does not always provide enough nutritional support. That's why many people choose to supplement to avoid vitamin deficiencies.

Where can you buy vitamins online?

For more than 40 years, Life Extension has been the go-to source for the best nutritional products that science can offer. Our high-quality formulas deliver essential nutrients and dosages that have been studied through clinical research and verified by third party lab testing. Our vitamins and supplements are not only high-quality, but the majority of them are also non-GMO, gluten-free and vegetarian.

Whether you are looking for vitamins and supplements targeted to address specific health concerns, or you're seeking support for whole body health, Life Extension has your back (and all other parts of your body, too!)

What vitamins should I take?

Vitamins and supplements play in an important role in your overall health and well-being. There are vitamins and minerals that should always be part of your wellness routine—many of which are hard to come by from the typical diet.

Make sure to incorporate these nutrients into your lifestyle to promote optimal health and longevity.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that is necessary for a healthy heart, lungs, eyes and healthy immune function.  You can only get some of this essential nutrient from a healthy diet. Good food sources of vitamin A include lean beef, broccoli, carrots and green leafy vegetables. A vitamin A supplement can fill in any dietary gaps.

Vitamin D3

Also known as the "sunshine vitamin," vitamin D is produced by your body through exposure to the sun as well as some foods and is responsible for healthy bones and immune system. Vitamin D is also important for maintaining cognitive health function as you age and helps support heart health and already-healthy blood pressure levels.


Your body needs iron as an essential part of maintaining healthy red blood cells. Optimal iron levels helps encourage oxygen levels in your cells and supports cellular energy and immune health.

When should I take vitamins and supplements?

Most vitamins and supplements can be taken any time, day or night. It is always best to take a vitamin or supplement with food for optimal absorption.

Vitamins and supplements are important components to a wellness routine and compensate for any gaps in your everyday diet. To be on the safe side, check with your doctor before incorporating supplements into your regimen. It is also critical to follow the dosage instructions on the bottle and not to take more than recommended.

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