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Need some help keeping your head in the game? These nutritional formulas are designed to encourage brain performance, provide attention support, and promote overall mental clarity.

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Attention / Focus

These brain supplements for adults help sharpen mental focus, benefit attention and support memory.

What supplements can be used for attention and focus?

Among brain health supplements, some are particularly well-suited to support attention and focus. These include famous ones like bacopa monnieri as well as lesser-known nutrients like citicoline (CDP choline). Vitamin B12 combined with phellondenron bark powder helps boost dopamine levels—which in turn encourages focus, concentration and motivation.

What other brain health supplements should I take?

Attention and focus are functions of your brain, so supplements (and the nutrients within them) that are specifically formulated to support brain health and function are good places to start. Think of brain health supplements as “brain vitamins” and try and take the nutrients that improve your cognitive performance every day. This way you make sure your brain is paying attention! You should also make sure your nutritional bases are covered with other vitamins and supplements. For example: are you getting enough of the mineral magnesium? Even this can impact your focus. Other nutrients, such as DHA fatty acids from fish oil, benefit not only your brain health, but your heart, joints and more!

Are nootropics good for attention and focus?

A nootropic is a nutrient that helps enhance learning, cognitive performance and/or mental processing speed. Look for bacopa, gotu kola and even carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin. If you’re aiming to improve your focus, you can try peppermint oil as well as mango leaf extract.

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