Vitamin K: What You Need to Know

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More to Know About Vitamin K

Preventing Plaque: Show Your Arteries Some Love

The word “plaque” sure gets a bad rap. Unfortunately, plaque on your arteries is almost always serious...sometimes as serious as a heart attack (literally).

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Woman in yoga taking vitamin K to improve glucose metabolism

Vitamin K Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Metabolism

A recent study found that vitamin K can reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes by 51% and inhibit metabolic syndrome.

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Test tube of blood for testing levels of CRP

The Surprising Longevity Benefits of Vitamin K

New research confirms that vitamin K can slash the risk of arterial calcification, coronary heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

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Vitamin K: What You Need to Know – An Educational eBook

Did you know there’s more than one kind of vitamin K? How about which foods are rich in vitamin K? Find out this and more with our latest eBook, Vitamin K: What You Need to Know.

Vitamin K Benefits Both Heart and Bones

On the latest episode of Live Foreverish, Drs. Mike and Crystal discuss the dual health benefits

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