Life Extension Supplements

How can I find out which supplements are right for me?

There are several resources available to explore your supplement options. You can navigate the product selection by exploring the "Products" tab on the Life Extension website. There, you will find different categories based on your needs. If you're new to supplements, take a look at our general Vitamins and Supplements page to explore more.

Also look for icons like "Best Seller" and "Best in Class." Best Seller status indicates our customers' favorites in a specific health category, while we designate Best in Class to those products that are the most advanced and comprehensive formulas in a specific category.

Still not sure which formula to choose? Our knowledgeable Wellness Specialists—a team of doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, nurses and other health professionals—can help answer any health and supplement questions you may have and help you customize your nutritional regimen based on your individualized health goals.

How do I find the supplements I need for a specific health goal?

Our products are conveniently categorized by health goal to help you easily find what you need. You can navigate to a specific health goal under the "Products" tab on the Life Extension website. We also recommend that you try a Health Needs Quiz for more personalized recommendations.

What do you suggest for someone new to supplements?

For a foundational supplement regimen, we suggest starting with these five supplements:

  • Multivitamin
  • Probiotics
  • CoQ10
  • Curcumin
  • Fish oil

A multivitamin should be at the cornerstone of every nutritional program, as it helps provide all the essential vitamins and minerals for your daily needs. Probiotics help support your gut health along with whole-body health, and CoQ10 supports your energy at the cellular level. Fish oil is essential for brain and heart health, while curcumin helps promote a healthy inflammatory response and supports whole-body health. Check out our Essentials page to discover your options when it comes to these foundational supplements.

Are there any Life Extension exclusive product lines?

Life Extension offers several exclusive product lines for specific health goals. Within each line, there are several options you can choose from based on your needs. Some of our Life Extension exclusive product lines include:

  • ArthroMax® (joint health)
  • Bone Restore (bone health)
  • Curcumin Elite™ (whole-body health)
  • FLORASSIST® (probiotics)
  • GEROPROTECT® (longevity)
  • Super Ubiquinol CoQ10 (cellular energy)
  • Super Omega-3 (heart and brain health)
  • Neuro-Mag® (brain health)
  • Life Extension Mix™ (comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula) 
  • Gummy Science™ (gummy supplements)

Each of these supplement lines is conveniently searchable on the Life Extension website. For additional assistance, you can reach out to our Customer Service representatives 7 days a week.

How does bioavailability factor into your supplements?

Bioavailability should always be your goal when it comes to choosing a supplement. Several of our supplements—including our curcumin, resveratrol and quercetin products—are optimized for greater bioavailability than their standard or traditional forms. Bioavailability is important when it comes to supplements, as the bioavailable forms of nutrients make it easier your body to absorb them—allowing you to get the most out of each supplement's benefits. The more bioavailable a supplement is, the longer those benefits last in the body.

Do you use proprietary ingredients?

Yes. Our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure you are getting the optimal ingredients to support your health. To that end, we source ingredients from across the world. These include a proprietary wildcrafted blueberry in our Cognitex® products, and sustainably sourced curcumin from co-op farms in India for our Curcumin Elite™ products. We also work with various nutrient manufacturers to include trademarked ingredients in our products to ensure you're getting the highest quality nutrients.

For more information about some of the specific nutrients in our products, check out our Product Development page.

What are the different supplement delivery forms you offer?

Life Extension supplements come in several different delivery forms, including tablets, capsules, softgels, liquids, powders and gummies.

How does Life Extension ensure supplement quality?

Life Extension uses premium-quality ingredients when formulating our supplements to ensure they meet the highest standards and criteria. Life Extension's scientists formulate our supplements using the exact dosages used in scientific studies to efficacy.

To ensure our dedication to quality and excellence, we test all finished products to ensure what's on the label is what's in the product. We also provide a Certificate of Analysis for each of our products to ensure all information regarding quality, potency, and purity is available. And, if for any reason you aren't satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for a full 365 days after your purchase date.

For more information regarding our supplement quality, please see our Quality FAQ page.

Why are your bottles so large relative to the amount of space the product takes up?

The bottle size of each product is not determined by the amount of product inside the bottle, but rather by the amount of information required by the Code of Federal Regulations for label compliance, and a minimum font size we must adhere to. Based on these requirements, the space that is needed to meet all federal label requirements determines the bottle size, as opposed to the quantity of the product.

The required information you will find on all of our bottles includes supplement facts, cautions, warnings, and usage directions.

When we can, we try to minimize any leftover space in our packaging for economic, environmental, and product preservation purposes.

Are your bottles recyclable?

Yes, all of our bottles, new and old, are recyclable.