What Makes Our Supplements Unique

Read: What Makes Our Supplements Different?

What are Life Extension's quality control standards?

Life Extension uses only premium quality vitamins and other ingredients. Our dedication to excellence insists that our nutritional supplements meet the highest standards and criteria.

That is why Life Extension insists on purchasing only the highest quality raw materials from all over the world, primarily from leading US, Japanese and European sources. Life Extension goes one step further by using advanced analytical methods, such as high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, to ensure our products meet label claims for potency and purity. Life Extension tests its raw materials using US Pharmacopeia and other exacting pharmaceutical assay standards.

Finally, a Certificate of Analysis guaranteeing every one of our products' quality, potency, and purity is kept on file and available. For more information please call our Wellness Team toll-free at 1-800-226-2370.

Are Life Extension's supplements affordable?

Yes! Life Extension provides clinically supported dosages of ingredients and sources high quality ingredients. Cheaper sources of ingredients are often available but may contain higher levels of contaminants. In addition, Life Extension also offers volume discount savings for purchasing multiple bottles. Or, you can save by signing up for our VIP AutoShip program to receive regular shipments of supplements you take every day.

Why are Life Extension's nutritional supplements more advanced than other dietary supplements?

Read: What Makes Our Supplements Different?

The unique ingredients included in Life Extension's products are often years ahead of the products sold by commercial vitamin companies. Life Extension scientists analyze thousands of scientific studies every week to make sure their health-promoting formulas include the most advanced life extending ingredients in the world. They also interact with the world's foremost gerontology researchers in order to obtain inside information about antiaging breakthroughs before these findings are published. Life Extension funds the most advanced anti-ischemia laboratory in the world, where antioxidant vitamins, hormones, and pharmaceutical agents are used to prevent free radical induced cellular damage.

The most popular multivitamin supplement is Life Extension Mix.

Life Extension Mix™ contains unique vegetable, fruit, and herbal extracts along with high quantities of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and special antioxidants. Life Extension Mix formula is fortified with botanical extracts that help to maintain healthy cells via physiological processes separate from traditional antioxidants. Consumption of these types of plants is being recommended based on research emanating from the most prestigious medical centers in the world.

This super potent antioxidant formula is light years ahead of any multivitamin supplement on the market. Since 1983, Life Extension Mix has been reformulated countless times to take advantage of scientific breakthroughs uncovered by Life Extension scientists. In 1985, the carotenoids lycopene and xanthophyll were added to Life Extension Mix. In1995, Life Extension Mix was reformulated to include even more potent extracts of lycopene and xanthophyll, along with a 22 to 1 broccoli concentrate and numerous other enhancements. In 2004, Life Extension Mix had the most extensive revision to date. The updated formula contains sesame lignans which have a broad range of applications in human health. This includes increasing human tissue levels of vitamin E by facilitating carrier proteins in the liver to deliver nutrients to cells throughout the body.

Chromium, magnesium and biotin are nutrients required to maintain optimal blood sugar levels. The updated Life Extension Mix provides 500 mcg of chromium (compared to 200 mcg in the previous version), a more absorbable form of magnesium, and the same high potency of biotin. A review of studies showing benefits for chromium supplementation revealed that doses exceeding 200 mcg a day are required for optimal effects. Life Extension Mix costs members less than other multinutrient formulas, which do not contain such nutrients as lycopene, xanthophyl (lutein extract), and broccoli.

Are your supplements made from synthetic materials?

Life Extension carries a combination of natural and synthetic vitamins and supplements. Some advertising statements would have us believe that "natural" is better, but natural supplements in some instances contain impurities such as pollen and naturally occurring hormones that can cause problems for some people. Synthetic nutrients are manufactured to be chemically identical (with the exception of vitamin E) to those extracted from natural sources, and are the most pure nutrient vitamins.

How do I get the best prices on vitamins online?

By purchasing from Life Extension, you will receive 25% off all of your product purchases. Many of our vitamins and supplements have further discounts if you buy four and some carry even greater discounts when you purchase ten bottles. Watch for our Super Sale every November for the best prices of the year. You receive the same discounts when ordering on the phone, at our retail store, or by purchasing vitamins online at our website.

What are the best supplements to take for a particular condition?

Navigate to Science & Research > Health Protocols to bring up protocols for many common health conditions. The nutrients recommended for each condition are listed at the end of the protocol.

What dietary supplements can I take for my memory?

Look under the Product > Vitamins & Supplements section, then choose Brain Health. The nutrients listed there may help to support healthy brain function. We recommend using a combination of nutrients for the best results.

Is there anything I can do about hair loss?

Visit the Hair Loss Health Protocol for more information.

Are your bottles recyclable?

Yes, we like to do our part for the environment. All our bottles, new and old, are recyclable. Recycle anywhere they accept #1 PET or PETE items. Most curbside recycling programs can accommodate this very common packaging. These types of recyclables are safe to be reused and are often turned into polar fleece, fiber tote bags, furniture, carpet and more. Help us help the planet. Please recycle.

Why are your bottles so large relative to the amount of space the product takes up? Wouldn’t smaller bottles have less environmental impact?

We share your concern for protecting our environment and understand your desire for smaller bottles. Unfortunately, the bottle size we use is not determined by the amount of product inside the bottle; instead, it is determined by the amount information we are required to add to the label to be compliant with the Code of Federal Regulations. This information includes supplement facts, cautions, warnings, and usage directions. There is also a minimum font size we must adhere to. Thus, the space needed to meet federal labeling requirements ultimately determines the bottle size, not the quantity of product.

Nonetheless, our product development team strives to minimize leftover space in packaging for economic, environmental, and product preservation reasons. Additionally, Life Extension bottles are made of recyclable material and, when possible, sustainably sourced.