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Stay Young in Mind, Heart and Body with New Easy-Mix Formula

You're only as young as you feel—and as it turns out, feeling youthful isn't just for the young! A recent survey of 4,100 Life Extension customers found that 75% of respondents consider themselves young for their age.* And if you think that your age is all about mindset, you're in good company: about 50% of those surveyed said that mental performance is the most important factor for healthy aging.

*February 2024 survey of Life Extension customers.

Whether it's because of brain power, a positive outlook, a regular fitness routine, or healthy heart health markers, it's clear that feeling young and staying well are both essential to a long life in good health.

So where do you begin if you want to feel young for your age, even as the years tick by? Start with new Healthy Aging Powder!

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Aging can wait with this triple-action formula

What do exercise performance, cognitive function and cardiovascular health have in common? All three are key pillars of aging in good health. And the three ingredients in Healthy Aging Powder—taurine, lithium and wheat germ extract—address all of these crucial components of aging.

While taurine is often associated with an active lifestyle and energy drinks (and with good reason, since it's an exercise performance superstar!), did you also know that this amino acid also supports cardiovascular health and already healthy blood pressure? Studies even suggest that a higher intake of taurine can promote healthy aging. This means getting enough taurine is vital to aging well.

Lithium, well known in traditional regimens for supporting a healthy mood (think of it as a bodyguard for your brain) is also associated with a long life. In fact, higher levels of this trace mineral in drinking water have been associated with a healthy lifespan.

Last, but certainly not least, spermidine, a nutrient derived from standardized wheat germ extract, is an important nutrient for optimal cognitive function. This nutrient helps nourish your noggin and promotes healthy aging by encouraging memory performance and maintaining memory health.

Together, this power trio helps you stay ahead of the aging game and healthy for the long haul.

Stay ahead of Father Time

Aging in good health doesn't have to be difficult. Our non-GMO, vegetarian Healthy Aging Powder is completely unflavored and dissolves easily so you can customize it the way you want. Take it on the go in your favorite shake, add it to your coffee or even mix it into a glass of water.

No matter which way you mix it up, a healthy lifespan is yours to claim with Healthy Aging Powder.


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