What Are the Most Popular Heart Health Supplements?

It's no secret that maintaining a healthy heart is the cornerstone of overall wellness. And most of us take a holistic approach when it comes to our cardiovascular health, incorporating good habits like exercise, nutrition and supplements into our everyday lives. But what about supplements?

A recent survey of over 3,500 Life Extension customers* found that most respondents take either one or a combination of the top three favorites magnesium, fish oil and CoQ10 for cardiovascular health. And while it's not surprising those heart health mainstays topped the list, the survey also found that over a quarter of the respondents take garlic supplements to ensure the health of their tickers!

*April 2024 survey of Life Extension customers.

While many health-conscious folks take aged black garlic due to the unique aging process that enhances garlic's cardiovascular benefits, if you're not among them, perhaps it's time to give this supplement a try! Life Extension's newest offering to their heart health lineup, Aged Black Garlic, delivers clinically studied benefits for heart health.

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Better with age: Get more of garlic’s benefits

Garlic is good for your heart. But when you think of garlic, you probably think of food. This root vegetable is a great addition to different dishes, adding robust flavor to the food you eat. So, if it's such a staple in many diets, why supplement? The answer lies in the aging process.

Aged garlic contains more of a cardio-friendly antioxidant called S-allyl-cysteine (SAC) that's been clinically studied to help maintain already-healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, all important parts of overall heart health—and in as little as 12 weeks! And while you can find SAC in small amounts in raw garlic, it's not nearly enough to offer significant benefits.

Life Extension's Aged Black Garlic undergoes a special aging process to increase the amount of SAC it contains, making it easier to access all its benefits. Each capsule of Aged Black Garlic provides 2.5 mg of S-allyl-cysteine in every 500 mg dose (the same amount found in clinical studies to provide the best benefits), so you can take advantage of garlic goodness in every serving.

Feast on garlic’s healthy benefits

Much like garlic in recipes pairs well with other ingredients, aged black garlic extract's healthy cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride benefits also pair well with other heart health supplements! The antioxidant SAC is a great complement to any wellness regimen, but especially one that puts cardiovascular health first.

Need inspiration to round out your regimen? Savor all the benefits of Aged Black Garlic by pairing it with any of the top heart health supplements CoQ10, magnesium and fish oil, among other healthy favorites like heart-healthy probiotics and vitamin K2 for lasting heart health.

So have your garlic and take it, too! This once-daily, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegetarian formula fits right into your healthy lifestyle so you can relish in heart-pumping benefits for the long haul.

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