What Are the Most Popular Skin Care Supplements?

Healthy skin is always in, but maintaining youthful and vibrant skin can become more difficult as you age. And with so many options to choose from, finding what you need can be overwhelming.

So how do people nourish a healthy complexion from within? According to a recent survey of about 3,500 Life Extension customers*, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are the most popular options to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fight common signs of skin aging.

*May 2024 survey of Life Extension customers.

Surprisingly, though, only 53% of respondents say they use collagen to promote their healthy glow. Collagen is considered a foundational nutrient for any skin regimen.

Why exactly is collagen so important to skin health? Well, this compound is one of the most abundant proteins found throughout the body and provides the structural building blocks for skin. In fact, 80% of your skin is made up of type I collagen.

But, over time, the body's natural production of collagen declines, making supplementing more important than ever. Fortunately, the new Vegan Pro Collagen offers an effective way to promote healthy collagen production, so you can maintain that vibrant glow.

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The building blocks for healthy skin

As a vegan formula, Vegan Pro Collagen does not contain actual collagen; instead, this convenient powder delivers the identical amino acid “building blocks” that your body uses to create its own type I collagen.

And that's not all. Vegan Pro Collagen combines this amino acid profile with a complementary blend of botanical extracts, including skin health superstar vitamin C, ginseng root, and gotu kola to further support normal collagen production in the body, so you can bask in your skin's healthy glow.

Indeed, clinical studies show that Vegan Pro Collagen reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 14%, enhances skin texture by 13%, and increases collagen density by 8% in only eight weeks.

Build better beauty, one scoop at a time

If traditional collagen formulas aren't for you, it might be time to add Vegan Pro Collagen to your skin care mix. The complementary nutrients in each scoop have been scientifically formulated to provide the same skin benefits as other collagen supplements, but as a vegan alternative.

Another clinical study comparing this formula to marine collagen reported improvements in collagen density, appearance of wrinkles and overall skin hydration and health, with nearly identical results reported between the two collagen groups.

So, if you want to support lasting beauty, don't get overwhelmed by choices: add our comprehensive vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free Vegan Pro Collagen formula to your everyday skincare routine today!

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