Do You Have Anemia? Find Out With an Accurate Test

Blood drawn from finger for anemia testing
Blood drawn from finger for anemia testing

The best way to treat anemia is to know the cause

Anemia is the most frequently occurring blood condition in the United States, and it’s caused by low blood cell and hemoglobin levels. Because the blood of anemic patients doesn't carry enough oxygen, it’s common to feel fatigued as a result, among other, more troubling symptoms. The causes of anemia can range from a simple nutritional deficiency to serious diseases, including cancer. Getting your blood tested is key; once you’ve identified that you are anemic, you can work with your doctor to figure out—and treat—the cause.

What do anemia tests look for?

  • Test your chemistry profile (complete metabolic panel with lipids)
  • Measure your complete blood count (CBC)
  • Measure body chemistry levels of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, including your total iron binding capacity (TIBC), as well as vitamin B12 and folate levels


How Life Extension lab testing works


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Test for Anemia

Lab tests uncover essential data for diagnosing the type of anemia. Do you have an iron deficiency? Are genetics involved? Is your autoimmune system impacted? Find out if you have anemia and what may be causing it with a Life Extension® lab test.

Assesses iron status

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Ferritin is a protein produced in the liver for the storage of iron. This test can determine if you are at risk of iron overload or an iron deficiency.

Blood test that provides 5 measures of iron status

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Our Iron Panel provides a comprehensive evaluation of your iron status, including blood tests for serum iron, iron saturation, total iron binding capacity, unsaturated iron binding capacity and ferritin.

Evaluates most common causes of anemia

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Our anemia tests help assess iron deficiency and other causes of anemia. The profile includes a complete blood count (CBC) and chemistry profile, plus ferritin, total iron binding capacity (TIBC), vitamin B12 and folate tests.

Blood test panel measures four important indicators of iron status

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A test that can be used when evaluating patients for anemia, the Iron and Total Iron-Binding Capacity Blood Test panel measures serum iron, iron saturation, total iron binding capacity and unsaturated iron binding capacity.

Measures the main protein in the blood that binds to and transports iron

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Transferrin is the primary iron-binding protein that shuttles ingested iron from the food you eat throughout your body via your bloodstream. Measuring your transferrin levels can give you and your healthcare provider valuable information about your risk of anemia or other iron-related health issues.

Tests for levels of immature red blood cells known as reticulocytes

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This test reflects the function of your bone marrow. Health practitioners may use these results to check for increased levels of immature blood cells, known as reticulocytes, which are associated with some blood disorders.

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