ArthroMax® Supplements for Joint Health

Encourage Easy, Comfortable Joint Function

Our Best in Class and Best Selling ArthroMax® formulas for aging joints support healthy cartilage tissue, joint function and more. Delivering innovative compounds to help inhibit inflammation to support joint health, nurture healthy cartilage and support soft-tissue.

4 Reasons Why We Should All Take ArthroMax®

  • Helps inhibit inflammatory factors to support joint health
  • Supports joint comfort & mobility
  • Helps support & maintain healthy cartilage levels
  • Promotes joint & connective tissue health

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Best In Class

ArthroMax® Elite

Inhibits inflammation to support joint and cartilage health

30 vegetarian tablets

  • $22.50
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We pride ourselves on giving our customers the tools needed to make important health decisions. Our ArthroMax® supplements are certainly no exception. Now, you just need to decide which one is right for your body and lifestyle.

ArthroMax® Elite 30 vegetarian tablets - Life Extension

ArthroMax® Elite

ArthroMax® Elite is our most advanced joint health formula. It combines three botanical extracts that promote a healthy inflammatory response, support healthy cartilage tissue and encourage easy, comfortable joint function.

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ArthroMax® with Theaflavins & AprèsFlex® 120 vegetarian capsules - Life Extension

ArthroMax® with AprèsFlex®

Our two products in this category, ArthroMax® with Theaflavins & AprèsFlex® and ArthroMax® Advanced with NT2 Collagen™ & AprèsFlex®, were developed from the ground up to provide multiple nutrients and extracts for joint and connective tissue support and wellness.

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ArthroMax® Elite is where you’ll find the extracts of Chinese skullcap, white mulberry and cutch tree in a single supplement. These three botanical ingredients help maintain youthful levels of healthy joint cartilage and promote a healthy inflammatory response to support your joints.

AprèsFlex® Boswellia serrata plant extract promotes joint health by inhibiting 5-LOX, an enzyme that transforms fatty acids into inflammatory factors like leukotriene B4.

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