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For more than 35 years, Life Extension® has been a pioneer in funding and reporting the latest anti-aging research and integrative health therapies while offering superior-quality dietary supplements to consumers. A trailblazer in the $32 billion U.S. dietary supplements industry, Life Extension has a long history of offering prescient health guidance to American consumers, often years ahead of the mainstream medical establishment. For example, in 1983, Life Extension recognized the value of daily low-dose aspirin to reduce vascular disease risk, years before the practice enjoyed widespread acceptance. It was the first company to offer melatonin, a popular sleep aid, in 1992, and SAMe, a compound that may alleviate depression, arthritis, and certain liver disorders, in 1997.

Life Extension is an organization dedicated to finding new scientific methods to enhance and expand the healthy human life span. It funds research programs aimed at developing new anti-aging therapies and combating such age-related killers as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Life Extension has donated nearly $150 million to anti-aging and disease prevention studies.

Life Extension develops and manufactures more than 350 science-based formulation that set the standard for quality, purity, and potency. Products are developed based on the latest scientific studies from peer-reviewed medical journals and are continually updated as new information occurs. A portion of every purchase goes to fund anti-aging research.

Life Extension Magazine® is our monthly publication. With a readership of over 350,000, it provides coverage of new discoveries involving anti-aging supplements. In addition, Life Extension supports such innovative services as a toll-free Wellness Specialist hotline and a unique mail-order blood lab.

Finally, convenience plays a very important part. Life Extension wants to make sure that consumers obtain the maximum potency available in the fewest numbers of capsules or tablets swallowed each day.

Life Extension provides this Daily Dozen list as a guide for normal aging people to follow. Some of you, however, may have individual product questions that require customized attention. As a Life Extension customer, you enjoy unlimited phone access to our Life Extension Wellness Specialists. If you are in need of individual assistance, feel free to call the Wellness Team toll-free at 1-800-226-2370 and speak with a knowledgeable Wellness Specialist who can assist you in developing a personalized regimen.

Life Extension Media Contact:
Sheldon Baker
Director of Public Relations