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Frequently Asked Questions


Joining the affiliate sales channel

Setting up links

Tracking, payment, and reporting

Joining the affiliate sales channel

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program allows you to place links to our products on your website. By placing these links, visitors to your site have the opportunity to buy products. If a product is purchased through your website, we pay you a commission for each sale.

Why should I join?

There are many reasons to join! Becoming an Affiliate is free, and you'll make money with very little effort. As an Affiliate, you can add value to the content of your site. We take the customer order and handle all payments. All you do is cash the check!

Does it cost me anything to become an Affiliate?

No! It's absolutely free to join our Affiliate Program. There is no charge to apply and there is no minimum sales requirement.

Can a website outside the United States be an Affiliate?

Yes. We welcome Affiliates from almost anywhere in the world; however, customers that buy from our site must pay in U.S. dollars. All commission payment checks to Affiliates are in U.S. dollars. Due to certain distribution restrictions, we are unable to pay commission on orders which will ship to: AU, BE, DE, DK, FI, FJ, FR, IE, IT, LU, MO, NL, NZ, NO, PT, SE.

I operate more than one website. Can I still be an Affiliate?

Yes. You can have multiple sites as an Affiliate. You can have one Affiliate account with us that will include all of your sites. You can track the progress of each of your sites separately and be paid with only one commission check.

How do I sign up?

Click to complete the online application form. After your application is submitted, we will contact you to let you know if you've been accepted as an Affiliate, and we will provide you with information on how to get started.

How does the program work?

An Affiliate Program allows you to make money by referring customers to our website. You do this by placing links on your site. Every time you refer a customer to us and that customer makes an online purchase, you earn a commission.

Is my website eligible to become an Affiliate?

Life Extension adheres to a strict conduct for approval of affiliate websites. Your website must pass our standards based on relevant content, clear design and user-interface, reliable and web-safe HTML use, good web ownership practices, current target audience, and search engine reach. Anyone may submit an application, but we do reserve the rights to refuse affiliation to a site or revoke a site's affiliation at any time if we deem that it does not adhere to the standards mentioned above.

What are my responsibilities an as Affiliate?

The only thing you are responsible for is using the link syntax provided by Commission Junction and placing these links on your site. We handle everything else.

What are your responsibilities?

We will provide you with the tools and support you need to maximize sales through your site. We also handle orders, shipping, and billing for all customers you refer to us.

I don't have a website or regular newsletter. Can I still apply?

Unfortunately, no. In order for us to accept you as an Affiliate, you must own and run a website or regular newsletter.

What if I operate more than one website?

You can have multiple sites under one affiliate account. You will receive one commission check for all sites.

Can I participate in other Affiliate Programs?


How do I change my account information?

Once you have been accepted as an Affiliate, you will be given access to your affiliate account at Once logged in, your account information can be modified.

Will becoming an Affiliate increase traffic to my site?

Our Affiliate Program is a revenue-sharing program. It is not designed to help you increase traffic to your site; however, it enhances your site with content, so your user return rate may be higher.

Setting up links

How do I create links?

Once you have been approved by Life as a Commission Junction Publisher, you will be able to login to your Commission Junction Publisher Account. By selecting Get Links from the top navigation on your Commission Junction account, you will be able to see the links available to you. To view all of Life Extension's links, simply select the By Relationship tab on the navigation and click on links. To select the links that you would like to have on your website, simply click either the Get HTML or Get JavaScript codes on the right side of the links table. These codes will have the correct parameters to track visitors that click on them and make purchases on Life Extension’s website.

Where should I place the links on my site?

You should place links where they are easy for your site visitors to find, such as your homepage. Some areas you may want to place your links include your homepage, your navigation bar, and any other traffic areas. If you place the links in an easily accessible location on your site, your visitors will be more likely to make a purchase.

How often should I update my links?

You should update links to our products frequently. We are constantly adding new products, so you should create new links that fit the interests of your visitors.

Can I use your content on my site?

Yes, within certain guidelines. Product images are usable, but please be aware that labels and images change often. Our articles are available as long as each is presented in its entirety and is cited at the article's source. Please see our Advertising Policy for details about content duplication and citing sources.

Tracking, payment, and reporting

What is the current commission rate?

Life Extension's Commission Junction Affiliate Program pays a base 8% commission on all web sales, and has a performance incentive tier of commission as described below:

Publishers Sale Amount*

  • $0 - $999.99 - 8.0%
  • $1,000.00 - $4,999.99 - 9.5%
  • $5,000.00 - $9,999.99 - 11.0%
  • $10,000.00 and up - 12.0%
  • *As of August 7, 2008.

How much can I earn?

We can't predict how much you will earn from our Affiliate Program because we don't know anything about your website or your visitors. However, Commission Junction offers a relative rating that illustrates the ability to convert clicks into commission called Earnings Per 100 Clicks (EPC). This measure gives you an idea of how much on average publishers make on every 100 clicks to the links they have placed on their website. Life Extension currently ranks at $44.00 per 100 clicks according to Commission Junction's EPC ratings. Life Extension's Commission Junction Affiliate Program is rated #5 of all nutritional supplements programs in the CJ Network.*
*As of May 15, 2008.

How do I know how much commission I've earned?

You will find all the reporting you need in your Commission Junction's Account Manager. Simply login to your CJ Publisher Account and select the Run Reports from the main menu. You will be able to run Performance Reports and Transaction Reports from the tabs located below the main menu. Commissions are found in the Transaction Reports tab.

How often do I get paid?

Commission Junction handles all affiliate payments monthly. If you're already a Commission Junction affiliate, your earnings from will be added to your regular commission check.

Do sales to customers anywhere in the world apply for commissions?

Unfortunately, due to certain distribution restrictions, is unable to allow commissions to be paid on orders which will ship to certain countries. These are Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Fiji, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

Do I earn commissions on my own purchases?

No, you will not receive any commissions or credit when making a purchase through your own affiliate links. You may receive an automatic notification from Commission Junction to let you know that a sale has taken place, but your affiliate payments will not include commissions for the sale.

What about product returns?

If a user returns a product for a refund, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction.

How can I monitor my sales?

You will find all the reporting you need in your Commission Junction's Account Manager. Simply login to your CJ Publisher Account and select the Run Reports from the main menu. You will be able to run Performance Reports and Transaction Reports from the tabs located below the main menu. Sales are found in the Performance Reports tab.

Who processes orders and handles customer service?

We do all of that for the customers that you refer to our site. All you have to do is place links on your site. We do the rest!

How will you know that the orders came from my site?

All links that are found in our Commission Junction's Get Links area that you place on your contain a unique identifier so that every time a user comes to us via your site, we know to credit you when a purchase is made. To learn more about how to create links, visit the Setting up links section of this FAQ.

How often can I run reports?

You can run reports any time you wish. Simply login to your Commission Junction's Publisher Account and select the Run Reports from the main menu.