New Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplement From Life Extension®: Beautiful News for Your Skin, Joints and Beyond

Fort Lauderdale, FL — We’ve all heard of collagen. It’s the main structural protein in your body. In fact, about one third of the total amount of protein in your body is collagen. But collagen production decreases as we age—one of the reasons for wrinkles, aging joints and other signs of aging.

To help make up for this age-related collagen loss, Life Extension® has created Collagen Peptides for Skin and Joints: a convenient daily collagen supplement that mixes easily with water or your favorite nutritious drink! So what makes this collagen supplement stand out from all the others?

“Our collagen supplement consists of collagen types I, II and III,” said Dr. Michael Smith, Life Extension’s Director of Education. “Furthermore, the collagen in our formula is hydrolyzed. Basically, the collagen in our formula has been broken down into smaller pieces called collagen peptides.”

According to Dr. Smith, dietary collagen is a large molecule. “This makes it difficult to digest and absorb. But collagen peptides are made up of microscopic ‘bits’ of collagen that can pass through your digestive system without having to be broken down further,” said Smith. “Collagen peptides have virtually the same amount of amino acids that a fully formed, complete collagen molecule would have. Your body then uses those amino acids to re-create collagen it can use.”

So what can your body use this easily absorbable collagen for? Joints and connective tissue, for starters. “Hydrolyzed collagen can help promote joint comfort,” said Smith. “In a randomized study, 250 people reported that taking hydrolyzed collagen every day supported comfort in their knees.”

Since 80% of your skin is type I collagen and that collagen is used to make elastin, a protein that gives your skin its flexibility, it makes sense that collagen can help keep you aging beautifully. “A double-blind study found that women ages 35 to 55 had significantly improved skin elasticity after eight weeks of hydrolyzed collagen—especially compared to placebo,” Dr. Smith said.

Collagen Peptides for Skin and Joints is gluten free and Non-GMO. And because it was formulated to be tasteless, it blends nicely with anything from water to your favorite nutritious smoothie.

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