Life Extension Launches Daily Skin Defense

New formula helps fight the appearance of wrinkles and oxidative stress

Fort Lauderdale, FL —To help protect the skin and fight the appearance of wrinkles, Life Extension has launched Daily Skin Defense. Featuring a combination of patented herbal extracts, a highly concentrated rice-derived ceramide and vitamin C, this formula supports three vital aspects of skin health: hydration, collagen production and protection against everyday oxidative stress.

The skin is the largest organ in the body (it covers an average of 20 square feet), and it acts as the barrier between our vital organs and the outside world. As Life Extension’s Director of Education Dr. Michael Smith explained, “the skin protects the body from oxidative stress caused by environmental pollutants and everyday UV exposure.”

But the skin’s protective function is only “the surface”—it also keeps us hydrated, regulates body temperature and it’s how we sense the world through nerve endings that relay the information to and from the brain. Eventually, the protecting efforts (and everything else our skin does for us) take a toll on the skin’s structure, leading to the telltale signs of aging. “Taking care of your skin is so important, and this innovative formula is a three-part nutrient booster that promotes the skin’s natural structure and ability to retain moisture and protect against environmental factors,” added Dr. Smith.

How does this skin-friendly, nutrient-focused formula work? It’s designed to protect and maintain the skin from the inside out. Each ingredient plays a role in preserving skin health.

It starts with a novel blend of extracts that combines lemon verbena and rosemary with olive leaf and Japanese pagoda. The free radical fighting compounds in lemon verbena combined with polyphenols (plant compounds) of rosemary and olives have been shown to help boost the skin’s natural defenses—the cellular stress-fighting properties of quercetin-rich Pagoda tree completes the blend. And the combination of these extracts also helps fight the appearance of wrinkles.

The highly concentrated rice ceramides also help maintain the skin’s healthy barrier function, while locking in moisture to help keep the skin hydrated.

The final nutrient in this skin-healthy formula is vitamin C. Not only is vitamin C a potent free radical scavenger, it also encourages collagen production in animal studies—the most common protein in the body and one of the skin’s primary building blocks.

Together, these nutrients deliver skin health support at the cellular level, and “each of the ingredients featured in Daily Skin Defense is clinically studied to maintain skin appearance and overall health,” said Dr. Andrew G. Swick, Life Extension’s Chief Scientific Officer. “This represents an innovative addition to our skin health supplement line.”

Life Extension’s Daily Skin Defense comes in a once-daily, gluten-free, vegetarian capsule.

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Daily Skin Defense

Helps fight oxidative stress & the appearance of wrinkles

30 vegetarian capsules

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