Life Extension Launches Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans

New Shiitake, Maitake and Chaga mushroom formula promotes a balanced and healthy immune response

Fort Lauderdale, FL —The immune health benefits of mushrooms have been touted for centuries, but a large body of research reveals that three specific types of mushrooms offer the body the best line of defense when facing immune challenges. These findings were the impetus behind the launch of Life Extension’s formula, Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans. Featuring a combination of a patented beta-glucan from baker’s yeast, and shiitake, maitake and chaga mushrooms, this formula offers a variety of beta-glucans. These active components are known to have immunomodulating properties, providing a comprehensive effect on various immune cells.

According to Life Extension’s Director of Education, Michael A. Smith, MD, the specific combination of these nutrients offers complete support. “It’s formulated to maintain the balance between different aspects of immune function, which in turn helps the body mount a healthy and effective immune response,” he explained.

Because the immune system is so complex—it’s essentially a defense arsenal—a combination of nutrients that support immune response in different ways is the best way to support your stay-well strategy, Dr. Smith added. That’s where the innovative combination of three different types of mushrooms comes in; these edible fungi have been long-studied for their immune-promoting benefits.

It’s also why Life Extension added beta-glucans, a soluble fiber compound that’s been shown through numerous clinical studies to support immune balance. “They help activate the immune system’s primary defenders: macrophages, neutrophils and natural killer cells, helping the immune system react faster and smarter when facing challenges,” Dr. Smith explained.

Both mushrooms and beta glucans are available in an everyday diet, but it can be a challenge to get the adequate amount through food alone. The formula uses whole dried mushrooms (not extracts), providing the equivalent to one-and-a-half servings of fresh mushrooms (perfect for those who don’t like the chewy consistency of mushrooms in their meals). Similarly, although beta-glucans are found in small amounts in foods such as baker’s yeast, mushrooms and cereal grains, it is easier to achieve clinically studied levels with a daily supplement; after all, there are only so many mushrooms and oats the palette can take.

Life Extension’s Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans formula is gluten-free, vegetarian and non-GMO, and it comes in easy-to-swallow, once-daily capsules. For more information, visit

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