Life Extension Launches New Formula for Supporting Bowel Regularity

FLORASSIST® Daily Bowel Regularity contains specific probiotic strain that promotes digestive regularity and comfort

Fort Lauderdale, FL — “Staying on schedule” goes hand in hand with digestive comfort. Life Extension’s new FLORASSIST® Daily Bowel Regularity contains clinically studied Bifidobacterium lactis HN019, a probiotic strain shown to encourage and maintain bowel regularity and comfort, and to defend against occasional constipation.

According to Life Extension’s Director of Education, Dr. Michael Smith, the digestive tract is like a subway. The transit time is how long it takes for food to reach its “last stop.” And occasional irregularity can slow that down, which can lead to occasional discomfort. “Studies show this probiotic strain helps fight occasional constipation by encouraging the production of specific compounds that are essential for gastrointestinal regulation and motility,” Dr. Smith explained. “It’s designed to promote comfort in the upper and lower GI tract.”

The B. lactis HN019 strain in Life Extension’s FLORASSIST® Daily Bowel Regularity formula was first isolated from yogurt and discovered in New Zealand—it’s been extensively studied since the 1990s.

In a 2011 clinical study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology, the strain was shown to significantly help maintain bowel regularity by decreasing the colon’s transit time as things “move along” more quickly. “This formula is a great addition to a digestion-friendly lifestyle. Individuals who stay physically active and eat nutrient-rich foods will have a transit time closer to a 24-hour window,” noted Dr. Smith.

FLORASSIST® Daily Bowel Regularity is an innovative addition to Life Extension’s probiotic lineup—each FLORASSIST® probiotic formula is designed to support a specific health-related area.

Each once-daily FLORASSIST® Daily Bowel Regularity capsule is non-GMO, gluten-free and vegetarian. For more information, visit

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