Life Extension Launches New On-the-Go Immune Packs

Vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D and an innovative probiotic offer comprehensive support for a healthy immune response

Immune health is on everyone’s minds these days—yet, somehow, we sometimes forget to take our vitamins. That’s why Life Extension is introducing convenient Immune Packs with Vitamin C & D, Zinc and Probiotic. Instead of needing to buy (and then remember to take) multiple supplements to help support your body’s healthy immune response, this comprehensive line-up places all the nutrients you’ll need in one on-the-go package.

According to Dr. Michael A. Smith, MD, Life Extension’s Director of Education, the four supplements in this pack will help you stay ready for whatever the world throws at you. “We have always offered these nutrients separately, but due to overwhelming demand in recent months we’ve decided to package them together,” Dr. Smith said.

Life Extension chose its most popular and well-studied supplements for the Immune Packs. To most people, zinc and vitamin C are no-brainers when it comes to immune support, “But many people don’t know about the health benefits of vitamin D3,” Dr. Smith explained. “Vitamin D helps modulate your immune response. Think of it as an orchestrator that helps your body mount a powerful yet balanced immune response. That’s why a potent daily dose of 125 mcg (5,000 IU) is included in each packet.”

Because of the potency of each individual supplement, these packs go well beyond the immune support of your typical multivitamin. For instance, the vitamin C is combined with an ultra-absorbable bio-quercetin phytosome to provide even stronger immune health benefits.  “The probiotic included is Life Extension’s flagship immune formula,” Dr. Smith added, referring to FLORASSIST® Immune & Nasal Defense. This probiotic combines L. rhamnosus CRL-1505 and EpiCor®: a dried yeast fermentate. Both ingredients are known to encourage multiple aspects of a healthy immune response—to both immune challenges as well as pollen.

Each box of Immune Packs with Vitamin C & D, Zinc and Probiotic comes with 30 individual packs. “Take them with you, leave them at the office, or keep them nearby,” Dr. Smith said. “This newest innovation from Life Extension will help you maintain a healthy, balanced immune response no matter where you are!”

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