Echinacea Elite Fights Immune Challenges with Two Types of Echinacea Standardized Extracts

New Life Extension formula supports a powerful immune response

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Echinacea, an herb native to North America, has been used for generations to combat immune challenges—and multiple clinical studies confirm the plant’s efficacy in supporting a robust immune response. But research also shows that not all parts of the echinacea plant offer the same level of immune benefits, nor do all echinacea formulations offer equal support. For this reason, research scientists at Life Extension have developed Echinacea Elite, an innovative immune health supplement which combines standardized extracts from different parts of the two most studied echinacea species: Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea angustifolia.

According to Life Extension Research Scientist Cristina Matthewman, Ph.D., these two species are the most efficacious for immune support. Additionally, clinical studies show that both species of echinacea used in Echinacea Elite help lessen the duration and severity of immune challenges.

Research shows that different parts of the echinacea herb provide distinct active compounds like echinacosides, alkamides and phenolic compounds. Together, these modulate various aspects of immune function, including natural killer cells (NK for short), monocytes and macrophage activity—all essential components of our defense arsenal.

Not only was Life Extension particular about which species of echinacea they used—they also were deliberate about how they utilized these plants in the formulation of Echinacea Elite. “We use standardized extracts from two most scientifically supported species and the entire plant to cover the broad spectrum of actives,” explained Dr. Matthewman. “Standardization is important because it’s the best way to ensure the quality and consistency of any ingredient in a formulation, and Echinacea Elite is standardized to maximize effectiveness in supporting a robust immune response.”

According to Dr. Michael A. Smith, MD, Life Extension’s Director of Education, the best way to navigate the winter season is to shore up your natural defenses.  “Our immune system is complex, and it’s comprised of specialized cells and proteins that patrol the body to ensure there aren’t any foreign invaders,” he explained. “That’s the role of cells like monocytes, macrophages and NK cells, which makes them an invaluable part of seasonal and year-round preparedness.”

Echinacea components further support the body’s natural defenses by inhibiting cytokine activity, a family of chemical compounds released by immune cells, and promoting a healthy inflammatory response, Dr. Smith added.

Echinacea Elite is the newest addition to Life Extension’s immune support lineup. Each capsule is gluten-free, vegetarian and contains no genetically modified ingredients.

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Echinacea Elite

Immune support, dual-extracts, standardized formula

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