Thermo Weight Control Helps You Burn Fat at Rest

New Life Extension formula’s patented red chili extract encourages thermogenesis

(Fort Lauderdale, FL)—Restricting calories is the most common approach for weight loss—but as anyone who's been at a plateau for a long time can attest, it can backfire. That's because when you eat less, your body may burn less energy (theoretically storing calories for future needs). To support the body's ability to burn fat for energy even when calorie intake is lower, scientists at Life Extension have developed Thermo Weight Control. The ideal companion to an active lifestyle and low-calorie diet, this innovative new weight management formula features a patented red chili extract clinically studied to encourage fat burning.

According to Dr. Asha Jaja-Chimedza, a Research Scientist on the Discovery Research Team for Life Extension, when individuals are on a calorie restricted diet, they may experience a decrease in the energy expenditure, resulting in them burning less energy at rest. "That's why we endeavored to develop a formula that can help the body increase the energy expenditure, even during a caloric restriction."

The starring ingredient in Thermo Weight Control is a patented red chili extract, which contains capsaicin, noted Dr. Michael A. Smith, MD, Life Extension's Director of Education. "Capsaicin is a compound found in red chili and other spicy foods," he explained. "Several studies have shown that it boosts the body's metabolism by increasing the rate at which it uses energy and burns stored fat." Capsaicin may have an additional benefit of interest to dieters, Dr. Smith added: "It's also been known to help lower appetite, which can help maintain a low-calorie diet."

To improve efficacy, the red chili extract was combined with special galactomannan fibers, which slow the digestion of capsaicin, giving the body more time to use and absorb the active compound in red chili. Plus, the fibers help protect the delicate lining of the digestive tract from potential harsh effects of concentrated red chili extract.

Thermo Weight Control daily supplement is the newest addition to Life Extension's weight management lineup. Each vegetarian capsule delivers 2 mg of capsaicinoids, is gluten-free and contains no genetically modified ingredients.

This supplement should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Individual results are not guaranteed, and results may vary.

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Thermo Weight Control

Encourages fat burning, healthy weight, thermogenesis

60 vegetarian capsules