Over 60% of People Surveyed Say Thoughts Keep Them Awake at Night, according to Life Extension Survey

(Fort Lauderdale, FL)—If you’ve had trouble drifting off to sleep because you just can’t unwind, you’re certainly not alone. Indeed, of more than 3,000 customers surveyed by Life Extension, over 60% said their thoughts sometimes keep them up at night; nearly 40% said this occurs multiple times per week. To help people get the sleep of their dreams, Life Extension has launched Serene Sleep, an herbal sleep support formula* that combines ashwagandha and black cumin extracts clinically studied to encourage stress relief and support sleep quality.

*For occasional sleeplessness.

Serene Sleep does not contain melatonin, so how does it help support sleep? “Ashwagandha has been clinically studied to help maintain already-healthy cortisol levels, and black cumin seed oil helps support sleep quality and duration, as well as the stress response,” explained Dr. Cristina Matthewman, Ph.D., Innovation Team Leader for Life Extension Research and Product Development. “Encouraging a healthy stress response can help promote a calm state of mind at night, which is crucial for getting uninterrupted sleep.”

According to Dr. Michael A. Smith, MD, Life Extension’s Director of Education, getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep is necessary for whole-body health. But the number of hours you spend in dreamland may not be all that matters; how well you rest throughout the night is also key. “When you sleep, your body goes through a restorative process; it’s part of REM sleep,” explained Dr. Smith. “If the various stages of sleep are interrupted, you may experience general fatigue as well as stress, which can keep anyone up at night. So, finding a sleep support supplement that works for you is a proactive way to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.”

For many individuals, taking melatonin does the trick; and this naturally occurring hormone has a wide array of benefits for sleep support. Life Extension’s Melatonin IX/IR, which offers both immediate and extended release of 1.5 grams of melatonin, is a best-in-class formula. But for those who prefer an alternative to melatonin, the ashwagandha combined with black cumin in Serene Sleep may be an effective option.

Each Serene Sleep softgel is gluten-free and contains no genetically modified ingredients.

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