Two Nutrients Help Relieve Pain from Inflammation in Virtual Clinical Research Study

First-ever fully remote trial finds marine oil and curcumin combo improved comfort

(Fort Lauderdale, FL)—Is mild discomfort when walking, standing up or doing day-to-day activities a necessary evil of getting older? Indeed, these pangs, generally associated with inflammation, don’t have to be an inevitable part of aging, according to the results of a fully remote clinical research study which found that combining bioavailable curcumin with marine oil that’s been enriched with special pro-resolving mediators reduced pain severity and frequency among participants. Notably, the pain relief included less muscle and joint discomfort, which tend to be particularly common and problematic among aging populations.

“The data demonstrate that the combination of SPM-enriched marine oil and bioavailable curcumin may help relieve pain in healthy individuals with mild-to-moderate pain,” said Dr. Steven P. Hirsh, R.Ph., M.H.SA., D.P.M., Director of Clinical Research at Life Extension. “What’s more, the combination of the two supplemental nutrients was well-tolerated and no significant adverse events were reported,” he added.

Almost as noteworthy as this discovery itself may have been the method by which the data was compiled. In today’s modern times, it can be tricky to complete clinical research in person. Participants can fall ill or move to a different location, so they can’t follow through with their in-person trials, hindering the process of accurately collecting data. To circumvent any concerns with in-person visits for clinical trials, Life Extension used virtual visits and questionnaires to track the data and symptoms of its more than 20 survey participants, all healthy individuals with mild-to-moderate pain and discomfort.

By the end of the first 30 days, most participants reported significant improvement in total pain, pain intensity and pain severity. Participants also noted improvements in physical health, especially in body areas of pain and physical function, at the end of 30 and 60 days. And lastly, by the end of the trial, on day 60, results indicated a significant reduction in joint and muscle symptoms.

Indeed, this innovative way of performing clinical research not only yielded compelling results about pain relief, but it ultimately also created a platform for new and actionable research. “Our ability to develop and implement decentralized clinical studies has enabled us to recruit nationally and perform research without the need for any in-person visits,” explained Dr. Andrew G. Swick, M.S., Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Life Extension. “This puts us in the unique position of having the capability to run clinical research studies using remote (at-home) and/or in-person subject visits.”

Clinical research suffered a step back over the last few years, and today, scientists are excited at the promise virtual clinical research offers in scientific advances, added Dainian Bruce, BS, Life Extension Clinical Research Supervisor. “Despite the challenges of conducting clinical research during the pandemic, we were able to successfully conduct this study and share the results in a peer-reviewed journal,” she said.

You can read the complete study methods and findings in the peer-reviewed journal Translational Medicine Communications.

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