Life, Interrupted: 60% of Women Want to Spend Less Time Urinating

(Fort Lauderdale, FL)—Life Extension recently surveyed 1,789 women about their bladder health. The results revealed that over 60 percent feel they urinate more often than they would prefer—and 40% say unwanted bathroom breaks are a daily occurrence. Other key findings of this survey:

  • Almost 70% of women said they wake up at night to urinate; 41% reported they woke up once, and 46% said they needed to wake twice or more.
  • 22% said they avoided water and other beverages to reduce the frequency of their urination.
  • 19% wear clothes that can be taken off easily to use the restroom.
  • 54% reported that urination interfered with exercise, laughing and sexual activity.

Respondents were Life Extension customers, the majority of whom were aged 51 or older.

To help women stay in control and take a break from bathroom breaks, Life Extension has launched Women’s Bladder Support, a new herbal supplement combining three herbs containing clinically studied nutrients to support bladder health and maintain normal urinary frequency: horsetail, lindera and three-leaf caper extracts. In a clinical study including over 80 women, the group taking these ingredients reported better bladder comfort as well as an improved ability to maintain normal urinary patterns compared to the placebo group.

The active ingredients in Women’s Bladder Support were first proposed by Australian naturopath Dr. Tracy Seipel, who found that many of her female patients wanted to support their bladder health. “My experience with women led me to focus my career on bladder health 20 years ago,” she said, adding that urinary health is among the top five health needs of women in her country. Dr. Cristina Matthewman, Life Extension’s Innovation Team Leader, noted that the clinical results suggest that the combination of horsetail, lindera and three-leaf caper extract is promising for women seeking to maintain their usual urinary patterns as they get older. “Bladder and urinary health are essential to enjoying a healthy and fulfilling life,” she added.

According to Dr. Michael A. Smith, MD, Life Extension’s Director of Education, factors such as age, childbirth and menopause can cause changes in bladder muscles and overall function. “Bladder tissues become less flexible and can’t hold as much urine as before,” he explained. “Adding a bladder health supplement can be an excellent way to help maintain normal urinary frequency and nighttime urination patterns.”

Gluten-free and non-GMO, Women’s Bladder Support is the newest addition to Life Extension’s women’s health line, which also includes Menopause 731™, which relieves 11 different signs of menopause, and FLORASSIST® Probiotic Women’s Health, a probiotic formula for vaginal, digestive and immune health.

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