Life Extension Survey Shows That Maintaining Memory Ranks as the #1 Brain Health Goal

(Fort Lauderdale, FL)—From all the ways we can keep our noggin sharp, like reading, exercising and getting quality sleep, a dietary supplement is a popular and easy way to support memory health. And the numbers speak for themselves: of more than 7,000 consumers surveyed by Life Extension, 90% were interested in taking a brain health supplement—with memory being a top priority for respondents (76%), brain performance a close second (72%) and mental sharpness coming in third (69%). However, less than half said they actually take a brain health supplement.

To help customers feed their minds in a fun and memorable way, Life Extension has launched Gummy Science™ Neuro-Mag® orange-flavored gummy bites, a tasty new spin on their flagship Neuro-Mag® formula, which has long been the company’s bestselling memory and cognitive health supplement.

Supplements in gummy form have soared in popularity in recent years, but offering maximum health benefits without sacrificing taste has been a challenge for many brands. That’s what sets these gummy supplements apart: they contain the same magnesium L-threonate dosage as Neuro-Mag® capsules and powder, but with a pleasing taste, explained Life Extension’s Vice President of Product Development, Glenn MacEachern, MBA.  “We wanted to offer customers a high-quality option when choosing support for their memory and cognitive performance, especially for those who have a harder time taking traditional forms of supplements,” he explained. “And offering magnesium in gummy bites that are also sugar-free* seemed like a no-brainer.”

*Not a low-calorie food.

According to Dr. Michael A. Smith, MD, Life Extension’s Director of Education, magnesium is called the “mighty mineral” for good reason—it’s responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, and magnesium L-threonate is a special form of magnesium that supports short-term memory, recall speed and overall cognitive health. “This form of magnesium supports part of the brain that may need more attention, especially as we age,” said Dr. Smith. “It’s never too early to be proactive about supporting memory health, and magnesium L-threonate is an excellent way to help boost your brain game.”

In addition to Neuro-Mag®, Life Extension also offers sugar-free* gummy versions of many of its popular supplements, including omega-3 fatty acids, melatonin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, and formulas that support weight management and vision. For more information, visit

*Not a low-calorie food.

July 2023 survey of Life Extension customers, average age 61 or older.

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