Breast Health Maintenance

Breast Health Maintenance

Now more than ever, women are being proactive about their breast health. Support your breast health with the nutrients you need. Learn more about how you can help maintain your youthful hormonal balance, and which foods, vitamins and actions you can take to maintain your optimal breast health.

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Optimize your breast health with a healthy diet, regular exercise and nutrients designed to help maintain a healthy hormone balance.

Breast Health Information & Research

How can a woman support her breast health?

To support breast health, it’s important to maintain healthy dietary habits, such as adhering to the Mediterranean diet. Maintaining a healthy weight and getting regular exercise is also key. In addition to a balanced diet, make sure you’re getting adequate amounts of the breast-supportive nutrients vitamin D and iodine. In addition, compounds in cruciferous vegetables have been shown to support healthy cell division in breast tissue.

What can you do to help alleviate breast discomfort?

Studies have shown that greater consumption of fruits, vegetables, fiber and nuts—and less consumption of animal fat, red meat and alcohol—can help alleviate breast discomfort. In addition, adding evening primrose oil, gamma-linolenic acid, omega-3 and adequate iodine into your nutritional regimen may support breast comfort. It’s also advised to limit the consumption of coffee and chocolate.

What are the top tips for breast health?

Soy foods and cruciferous vegetables have shown to be breast supportive. Concentrated cruciferous vegetable extracts or soy isoflavones, one of the constituents in soy, can also have beneficial effects. Optimizing the intake of vitamin D and iodine, two breast-supportive nutrients, is also recommended.

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