Maintain Youthful Energy

Maintain Youthful Energy

Causes of low energy and general fatigue can be anything from poor diet to lack of cellular energy. Learn how to keep your body energized. Energy is the foundation for total wellness. Fuel up with a healthy diet, stay active and make sure you’re getting the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Compounds such as CoQ10, resveratrol and PQQ can help fuel your body’s mitochondria, tiny structures that produce the energy your cells need. Others can affect NAD+ or AMPK, enzymes critical to healthy metabolic processes.

General Energy Management

Keep your body energized with a healthy diet, regular exercise and nutrients designed to optimize your cellular energy levels.

Energy Management Information & Research

What causes low energy?

Low energy can have many causes. Many of these factors that cause low energy do so because they interfere with the ability of our cells to produce energy at a cellular level. Stress, sleep habits and diet can also play an important role in our energy levels and poor habits can lead to that drained feeling we get when our cells aren’t properly powered up.

What vitamins could I be lacking if I’m tired often?

One way to boost energy is to encourage our cells’ ability to create adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. Your body uses ATP as fuel. Two nutrients, CoQ10 and PQQ, help the mitochondria in our cells produce more ATP. Cordyceps fungi and ginseng root extracts encourage mitochondrial function, promoting energy and endurance. Managing stress can also help us feel more energetic. The herb ashwagandha has been shown to promote a healthy mental and physical stress response.

What vitamins may you be lacking if you are tired often?

The body requires multiple vitamins and minerals to make energy and perform all cellular functions. One of the most important is the vitamin B family. Many people proactively supplement with B12 to promote healthy energy levels. Iron, on the other hand, should not be supplemented unless your need for iron has been confirmed through a blood test.

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