Note to Self–Exercise My Brain

Note to Self–Exercise My Brain

We can help maintain our memory & cognition with restful sleep, a healthy lifestyle and nutrients that support brain health. Providing our brain with the right nutrients can help maintain our brain health. Eating well, exercise, avoiding too much sugar and playing brain games can also support memory health.

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Support your brain health with a healthy diet, exercise, restful sleep, mental challenges and nutrients that promote memory & cognition.

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How can I support my memory and concentration?

The first step toward memory health is to identify factors that might be affecting your brain’s ability to keep up. Getting enough restful sleep can support memory health. The brain needs good nutrition to function at peak capacity, so a healthy diet is also important. If your memory is a concern, you should speak with your doctor to see if other factors are involved.

How can I support my short term memory?

You can challenge your short-term memory with “brain training” techniques: memory games that may help your brain process and recall certain types of information in the short term. However, it’s not entirely clear how far this support extends beyond the specific tasks you practice.

What factors affect memory?

Many factors can affect memory health, such as diet and sleep quality, exercise and lack of social engagement. But memory generally declines with normal aging. Bad habits such as excessive alcohol consumption can play a role as well. Blood pressure health can also affect memory function. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help maintain your brain health. If memory decline concerns you, check with your doctor.

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