Men's Health–Blood Flow

Men's Health–Blood Flow

Men are physiologically different from women. It takes focused nutrition to maintain a man’s sexual health and prostate health. Men’s sexual health requires healthy circulation and blood flow where and when it’s needed most. Prostate health depends on several factors: maintaining healthy prostate size, encouraging healthy prostate function and promoting healthy levels of both testosterone and estrogen.

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The right diet, lifestyle choices and nutrition are required to support prostate and hormone health, sexual function and more.

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What are some health tips for men?

Get regular check-ups and monitor your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and PSA (prostate specific antigen). Keeping them in an optimal range supports continued health and helps to maintain healthy cardiovascular and sexual function. Equally important are getting regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet and finding ways to manage stress.

What nutrients promote prostate health?

A healthy prostate is essential to men’s health. Certain nutrients can support prostate health. Lycopene, for instance, is a carotenoid that inhibits oxidative stress and promotes healthy prostate size and function. Estrogen is a naturally occurring hormone that can affect prostate health as men age. Norway spruce extract can help maintain healthy estrogen:testosterone ratios. Nettle root extract, beta-sitosterol, and flax seed can also help maintain prostate health as you age.

How can I stay healthy?

A plant-based diet with adequate protein, either from vegetarian sources or from lean meats, is a cornerstone of health. The Mediterranean diet is one such diet that has been scientifically validated to support health as we age. Both strength training and aerobic exercise can support health, and it is ideal to incorporate both of them into your exercise routine. Keeping sex hormones, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure inside an optimal range can also support optimal health.

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