Take a Beat–Mood Health Matters

Take a Beat–Mood Health Matters

Mood health matters. Slow down, take a deep breath and consider your options for supporting a healthier mood. Today’s fast-paced world leaves many of us in a constant state of stress. Fortunately, there are some lifestyle changes you can make to turn things around, including targeted nutritional choices. We know you’re busy, but everyone has time for a few simple lifestyle changes to promote a healthy state of mind.

General Mood Support

Keep stress at manageable levels with a healthy diet, regular exercise and supplements designed to support a healthy mood.

Mood Support Information & Research

What foods can support a healthy mood?

It’s during times of stress that many of us make unwise nutritional choices, like reaching for a bag of chips or ice cream. Rather than seeking comfort in junk food, consider healthy omega-3 rich foods that support brain health. There’s also growing evidence of a connection between the GI tract and nervous system. So supporting a healthy digestive system with probiotics may also have a positive impact on your mood health.

What vitamins support your mood?

It’s not always easy to get the nutrients you need through food alone. Magnesium is essential for supporting cognitive health, including mood. Researchers have also linked vitamins C and D to mood-health-supporting benefits. Overall, a healthy diet with ample vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids creates an important foundation for mood health.

What else can you do to support your mood?

We all know how regular exercise helps manage our weight, build lean muscle mass and support a strong cardiovascular system. But the chemicals released in your brain during exercise also make it a great way to enhance your mood. Meditation and yoga have also grown in popularity as a way to counter our hectic daily routines.

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