Blood Metals Panel Blood Spot Test Kit

Item # LC100092

Blood Metals Panel Blood Spot Test Kit

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Blood Metals Panel Blood Spot Test Kit

Item # LC100092

New convenient at-home test for blood levels of 8 important metals, providing insight into toxic metal burden and nutritional status with a quick and easy finger stick.

Heavy metal toxicities are known to have an adverse impact throughout the body depending on the type of metal, length of exposure, and how well your detoxification system works. Long term exposure can impact cognitive and peripheral nerve function, digestive health, kidney and liver function, immune status, and more.

5 toxic metals: Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, Antimony

Lead – Lead toxicity has the potential to lead to irreversible health effects. It has widespread effects on the central nervous system, bone marrow function, kidney and liver function, and more. Deficiencies in nutritional elements like calcium, zinc, or iron may lead to increased lead absorption, which is rapidly accumulated in red blood cells, bone tissue, and more. Lead interferes with production and function of red blood cells, which has whole-body consequences.

Mercury – inhaled mercury (i.e. from dental amalgams or occupational exposure) tends to rapidly accumulate in the brain, while organic mercury from contaminated food sources is absorbed into blood where it is widely distributed throughout the body. Common symptoms of mercury toxicity include behavioral and cognitive disturbances.

Cadmium – A toxic metal found in some metal hardware (nuts and bolts), batteries, paints, and other common industrial and household sources. It is known to accumulate in various tissues with a slow elimination rate. Cadmium interferes with cellular metabolism and may interfere with proper utilization of zinc.

Arsenic- Inorganic arsenic is highly toxic and found in contaminated ground water, often accumulating in foods and drinking water. Also found in many industrial products and metal alloys. Arsenic accumulates in various tissues, disrupting cellular metabolism.

Antimony – A toxic element widely used in metal alloys found in industrial and household products. May interfere with cellular metabolism and accumulate in the liver.

High or low levels of beneficial nutritional elements may also have adverse health effects. This panel provides insight into three common elements and may help detect nutritional deficiencies.

3 nutritional elements: Copper, Selenium, and Zinc.

Copper – Copper is an essential element for red blood cell production, connective tissue, immune, nervous system function, and more. Copper deficiency may lead to anemia, bone disorders, impaired immune response, and disruption to senses like vision and taste. High levels may occur in those with genetic Wilson’s Disease, during inflammatory states, and with estrogen supplementation/replacement. A follow-up ceruloplasmin blood test (LC001560) is suggested when blood copper level is found to be high or low.

Selenium – Selenium is required for production of important antioxidant, glutathione, as is important in normal thyroid hormone production. Low levels typically occur from low dietary intake or malabsorption concerns.

Zinc – Zinc, essential for proper function of hundreds of enzymes, is critical for optimal immune response, DNA expression and protein synthesis, inflammatory and antioxidant response. Low levels may compromise these areas and lead to health concerns throughout the body. Excessive dietary intake may impair absorption of other elements like copper or iron, which can lead to iron or copper-deficiency anemia.

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This test is a great way to determine current circulating levels of toxic metals, especially recent exposure to mercury from dietary sources like fish, which is rapidly absorbed into your blood. For additional insight into exposure from inorganic sources of mercury, this test can be combined with the Toxic Metals Panel Fecal Test (LC100076) for a more complete overview of toxic metal exposure and elimination.

Testing is performed by Quicksilver Scientific. Results take 2-3 weeks from the time the laboratory receives your sample. This test is not available in Pennsylvania and New York. The results for this test can only be received via mail, e-mail, or fax.

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Blood Metals Panel Blood Spot Test Kit

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